Spa Weekend

I didn't realize how beautiful a king size bed really was before this weekend. I was in heaven. Of course, part of that might have been that it was on a frame at least 4.5 feet off the ground. I love being on such a high bed. It's absolutely great. I think I'm going to begin my campaign with my dad for such a thing again. I might win this time because I have some solid knowledge about how this one was built - yes, I checked it out. Heh.

There's something extremely grand, maybe even opulent, about being connected by a door to a spa where you're getting treatments. Something great about being in your pajamas when they come knock on the door for you at 10 in the morning. It was a fantastic experience. I loved the mango body polish - I'd definitely do that again. The wrap was annoying more than helpful, I found. But that's mostly because laying on my back for 45 minutes gets rather painful. The facial and head massage was divine. [sigh] Then with the painting of my toes the colour of a new penny was fabulous too - I love it when people play with my feet. I just about started drooling.

Of course, the best part of the weekend was the company. I love my friends so much even though we've gone such different ways in our lives. It felt like home being with them.

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Amy said...

Though sounds like a *fantastic* weekend. Mmm.

(though I don't think I'd love the bed... maybe because I always used to fall out of bed as a child so high beds still make me kinda nervous).

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