Vacation Day One

Written by my niece and edited for spelling by Auntie:

Yesterday I went for breakfast with Auntie's friends from Edmonton. When we had breakfast the chef forgot my breakfast but that is OK. Auntie's pretty friend with red hair got them to bring my breakfast. And I had hash browns, bacon, and toast, but I didn't like the hash browns and bacon, but I loved the toast.

We went to Pike Lake and I went down the water slide by myself but the scariest part was going on the water slide backwards but then I turned around quickly. We went on a paddle boat last, but it was boring and hard and Auntie scared me by splashing the water and I thought it was a fish. And then Auntie and Cheruby were going to throw me in the water and then I got so freaked out. And I also saw three fish. They were only babies. And then we went in the pool another time.

We watched Hellboy before bed and ate kettle corn. Before that, we had cherries and grapes.

I must have been sleep-walking last night because Auntie told me I came downstairs and went right back up again.

Bye all.

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Hard Life

Since I got to Calgary, I've been nursing my sunburn and whining about it a lot. I like to sleep on my tummy, you see. And it hurts so much that I can't so I'm waking myself just before I drift off because I roll onto my belly. [sigh] It's a hard life. [Visions of third world countries from those commercials going through my head.] My left breast also really started hurting today. Apparently, I was paying too much attention to my belly burn and neglecting my boob burn. Really hard life. [More flies crawling allover small stick like children with their distended bellies.]

So today, I got riled up at work. Someone from our client tech support center called a client at the request of one of my staff and told the client that my staff member's instructions were completely wrong, thus, discrediting her. Am I wrong to be this bothered by that? Because I am. I know she's not the easiest person to deal with when she upset and she's very much used to getting her way, but how rude is that?!?! In front of a client!! I'm going to have a very good, rational discussion about it on Friday and we'll get it all sorted out, but right now, I'm still too riled. Gggrrrrr...

On the plus side, it's great to get riled up again. I have two more days until I have no more theme song. [grin]

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Yes, I'm crispy. But just on my left arm, neck, and breast. I was driving in my sports bra because it was hot. But I forgot to bring any sunscreen. Ooops. I did spend about 2 hours of the trip with my t-shirt draped over my left arm and it definitely helped, but I'm definitely still crispy.

Ferlak treated me to a fantastic supper when I got here. He's gone all healthy on us, folks! AND he's playing Katamari right now so I must go... I'm so torn though. Double XP weekend in CoH or Katamari? Is there an angel and devil in this situation or are they both devils? [grin]

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And I'm Off

Well, not really. I was planning on driving to Calgary today, but this and that happened and I'm going in the morning now. No plans were really made today so no harm done, and I'm feeling much better about getting a lot of stuff done this evening so I can leave my house in relative cleanliness for when I bring my niece back with me. [YAY!]

Got a few more chores to do like finishing up the laundry, vacuuming and dishes. All the rest like mowing the lawn, weeding the flower beds, most of the laundry, cleaning the litter, etc. are done already. I suppose I'm not doin' too bad. Of course, I haven't packed yet either and I'm only half done my "to pack" list. That list is optional.

I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone in Calgary. It's been way too long, actually. I even get to see my auntie because she will there from Edmonton. I think I'm going to have to start making trips to Edmonton like I do for Calgary with the staying a couple of days thing. I just hired another staff member there. YAY!

So, tomorrow, I start on my journey westward and hopefully I get there before the day heats up too much.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Cheruby and I got home this evening from our wonderful camping weekend and watched a movie.

Weekend notes: I finally got what being away from home with no worries does for my mom. My shoulders and neck were so much less tense. I slept beautifully for the first time all week. I met more of Cheruby's family and they were wonderful. Played a lot of games with Cheruby and his uncle. It was such a good visit.

Back to the movie. Cheruby wanted to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with me. I thought I remembered Clark telling me that I might not like it after he'd seen it. I trust his judgement on these things and he was right - I wasn't ready to see it. It would have really, really upset me. I think I would have appreciated the movie as being as beautiful as it was, but I wouldn't have enjoyed it much. Tonight wasn't that different except that I was with Cheruby and that made it good. The movie was, as Cheruby said, beautiful. I didn't once bring myself out of it to say, "That's Jim Carrey acting." Apparently, he can act! Besides that, it took me with it through the story of how a relationship failed even though there was love and then started again knowing that it failed the previous time. It had a great ending where you are left to decide for yourself how they end up. I said that it was wonderful and I never wanted to see it again. That was a few hours ago and I don't know if I'm still feeling that way. Maybe I do want to see it again.

ESotSM left me with three thoughts:

  1. It was a really beautiful.

  2. I didn't want that to happen to Cheruby and me. They started out so happy and went down the drain. I hated the thought of that happening to us.

  3. I was scared of Cheruby's ex. "Was" being the operative word. Cheruby confidently told me that she has nothing to do with the success of our relationship. Yep, I'm in - hook, line, and sinker. [heart-flutter]

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Roughing It

What counts as roughing it? Just an outhouse? Cuz that's what I'm doing. Going camping at a campground with no other amenities. I'm pretty excited about it. Or maybe I'm just excited to see Cheruby because he's been camping since Wednesday. [GRIN]

I'm worried about the kittens because the little gets pretty upset when I'm not around, but she's doing much better. She has that bump on her belly from her spaying operation, but she hasn't been licking it very much. The big brat has mellowed completely and although he's happy to see me when I get home, he doesn't fuss quite as much. I'm quite sure that the little one cuddles with him in the basement during the day.

The power was out in the house last night for a couple of hours. I was still tidying before heading out for the weekend. I finished up using a flashnight. Including catching the little one deciding to pee in the basket beside the toilet upstairs which ended up being all over me because I picked her up by the scruff in an effort to stop her. [sigh] We took a walk downstairs to the freshly cleaned litterbox in the hopes that this would be what she needed. I never had a single problem with the big brat. Then I did laundry which didn't turn on because the power was out so it just sat there and turned on when the power came back.

I haven't been sleeping well lately, which for some people is a normal way of life, but I'm having some trouble adjusting. So much trouble that I was awake for my whole massage last night. I had NO idea she beats me up so badly. It hurt A LOT! And then she tells me that she's taking it easy on me because I'm awake. Yikes! What the hell am I sleeping through? I have another appointment next week because my neck and shoulders are a mess so we'll see if I can get through it.

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Happy Birthday, Christophyr!!

I know that this is a blatant abuse of my blog in order to promote discomfort and uneasiness in others, but Clark's 30th birthday is today and it would be awful to do to him what we did to Neuba's husband.

So, if you know this fellow, send him a note to taunt him that you know his secret. If you're close enough, you should give him a hug because he really loves hugs. ;)

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Playing Catch Up

So while I am absolutely smitten with Cheruby and I want to spend all my time with him, it seems that I'm neglecting some other very important obligations like yard work, house cleaning, laundry, City of Heroes...

Of course, with today all to myself I started at the top of the priority list and almost got Purrrsia to level 43. I got to play with Arkayne last night and today even! YAY!

The kitten still hasn't been able to remove her pain patch after her Tuesday trip to the vet to have her baby making bits and a dozen pointy bits removed. On Wednesday morning, I discovered a new perk of working from home. While I knew that my big brat really enjoys having me at home so he can go in and out all day, he was able to bring me a present to say thanks. Of course, I screamed loudly and he dropped his very large, freshly dead robin inside the back door. He didn't know what the heck was going on so I left the robin there and calmed him down and told him what a good boy he was. Then I went about the task of removing the dead bird from my house. [sigh] The little one came home later that afternoon and within 20 seconds of my holding her at the vet, she was purring. I was a little worried, but apparently didn't have anything to worry about. She's missed her pointy bits a few times, but I know she'll be fine.

The rest of my to do list will eventually get done, but I'm not going to rush myself. I'm going to enjoy the summer and love it. And spend as much time as I can with my friends, family and of course, Cheruby.

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Did I Have A Good Time?

Did I have a good time at their wedding last year?

This should answer your question.

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Happy Birthday Canada!!

The weekend was a total blast! I got to get to know some new friends better. Cheruby came with me camping and we had a rockin' good time.

We had to drive up on Saturday morning so we left early enough (after having to borrow his mom's tent because my tent has gone missing from my basement - please let me know if you've seen it) to take the scenic route south of the Saskatchewan River from Saskatoon to North Battleford. It was very, very dusty. Cheruby's hair turned gray from all the fine dust sticking to it. Crazy! We were feeling pretty gross, but gas at Battleford was 99 cents and the gorgeous Saskatchewan scenery was well worth it.

Cheruby played in his first LARP on Saturday evening after a dip in the pool. He did very well and looked very dashing in his top hat and tux costume. I even think he's going to come with me again sometime. YAY!

There was some carousing after the game, but we were very tired from the day's travel and intense new experience. Of course, because it wasn't my tent my air mattress was a little big for the tent. In fact, it didn't fit well at all. We had a very small door opening left to crawl through once the mattress was full. I thought it was great.

The next day was full of napping, carousing, swimming (lots of swimming), frolicking, massages, fireworks and a wonderful round of "O! Canada". It was a lot of fun. Oh, I forgot to mention the games that were played. You can't get rid of all the geekery from a party of geeks even though there was a champagne fountain.

It was a great weekend.

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