Our First Date

Was one year ago today. I remember being completely bonkers. I didn't feel that any of my clothes were good enough for this first date. I dragged a co-worker shopping with me at lunch and I tried on many, many shirts. The last one I had in the change room was it - an orange T-shirt. And I looked so darn cute in it! It was my first thought when I saw myself in the mirror. Then I came out and my thoughts were echoed by the salesperson and my friend.

There are certain things I remember from that night. I remember losing badly at Lord of the Rings. I remember the grilled cheese sandwiches we had for supper. What else do you have at Lydia's that's reliably good? I remember the place being pretty much empty although I'm not sure how much of that was just me being wrapped up in our date. I remember having to let you pay so you could "feel like a big man." And I remember how I laughed at that. I remember holding hands on our walk along the river. I remember not feeling very self conscious and just thoroughly enjoying myself. I remember how messy your hair was. I remember trying to find that smile I saw in your picture. I remember a kiss on my hand goodnight although you really wanted to kiss my lips. I remember a hug too. I remember the story about why you walk the way you do. And I remembered that your best friend's name was Matt. I remember flapping and how it made me giggle. I probably filled Lydia's with my laughter that night. I remember driving in my car to park next to yours while we walked so we could walk back to our cars together later.

And I remember being so certain about you. Here we are, clowder and all.

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Grrr... Argh

Okay, here's the scoop. Work is crazy right now. We are usually a team of 7 managers and right now we are a team of 4. That's where my head is at right now. And if I wasn't trying to keep up with the rest of my life, it might be okay, but things are ever changing.

Cheruby is officially moving in. I'm very excited. It's wonderful to have him around. We've had some help from some friends in painting his office which is very nice. Friends are good to have.

Since getting home from Edmonton, I've been trying to catch up on sleep. This weekend wasn't great for that, but I got to do lots of cool stuff. Went shopping with my mom for my brother's wedding and played Mage and had a massage and went swimming and had supper with Kaz, Rilla and Cheruby. And that was just on Saturday. I forced myself to stay in bed on Sunday morning, but woke up a lot. Then we got to play Low Life on Sunday. Cheruby and I rode our bikes over to the Drangs' house. Then we went to a birthday party.

I don't really even remember last week although last night, I skipped everything and just slept. And tonight - Gilmore Girls!! YAY!

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In Edmonton

Where is the time going? I had wanted to do all kinds of things this weekend, but time does seem to be running short already.

I wish I had pictures of the craziness that was Friday night at the Pirate Party. I forgot my pirate shirt, but managed to remember my awesome head scarf. My memory also came through for Rilla as she got to wear the pirate costume I made for the Seven Seas LARP in Brandon a few years ago. Anyway, I like kissing. And my hands are sore from giving so many massages. I hate to admit it, but my back is still sore from the 1/2 hour I spent with the little Asian lady in the massage chair.

Lunch with Auntie Cool was particularly good. She means the world to me. We had a good chat where I got to tell her that she made me feel safe and comfortable and loved. It didn't always used to be that way, but now it is and I love it.

Ferlak was supposed to run a game for us this weekend but it didn't really work out that way. I have been very much looking forward to playing in a Ferlak game as he was the only one I was in games with for quite a long time before he moved away. Maybe next time. Maybe when Cheruby and I are in Calgary next month, we can spend an evening with Ferlak and the Very Tall One playing this game. It would be great!

Yesterday was bizarre. We were supposed to do this, that and the other thing, but ended up just going to Farmers' Market in Old Strathcona where I had some paska bread baked with poppy seeds inside which were so very yummy. I also got a poppyseed roll for a very good friend which he loving stroked at dinner and would get snarly at the mention of possibly sharing. Heh. A costume shop eluded us all afternoon and we came home to find that we were only a block and a half away at one point. Ah well, such is life. We did spend some time in a glorious store full of hats. There was one that I really wanted, but alas, couldn't part with the money. I still need a brown hat and possibly another black one. There was a red velvet fedora Trilby as well that I really, really wanted because it made me feel sexy.

After supper at Montana's with a bunch of folks, we went to a book store which was awesome. Rilla sat on the floor and read poetry. I bought the new Post Secrets book. Cheruby couldn't read it this morning because it was too upsetting in some parts. There are two other books that Ferlak has that got me hooked.

And yesterday, a friend was supposed to paint a room in my house. Specifically, a tree on the wall in Cheruby's office to help inspire him. I hope he likes it a lot. I'm so excited to see it and I can't wait to see how surprised he is. SQUEEE!

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