Saskatchewan Facing Imminent Loss of Another Resident to Alberta

SASKATOON - One Saskatoon man has been conspicuously missing from usual activities in the community. After some investigation, it was found that he had not been to his place of residence in over two weeks. Witnesses say that they saw him boarding a plane in the Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport bound for Calgary, Alberta. All sources agree that the luggage he carried included a business suit which is indicative that this man is attempting to attain employment in the lucrative hot bed of career opportunities that exists in Calgary. Other Saskatoon residents who know this man are saddened by the city's impending loss, but encouraged at the hope his success brings to us all.

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Another Story About My Cat

For Christmas I got this really cool bath mat. Yes, I was very excited about a new bath mat. It has stripes in biege, white, and light blue. The light blue is nubbly. My kitten absolutely loves it.

He's developed this new routine with me in the morning where he waits on the mat and rolls and attacks it and sprawls and attacks it. He's very loud about it too. It's in front of the mirror so when I try to stand on it, he gets quite upset and lays on my feet to try to get me off of it. And he glares at me. When I try to pet him, he tries to attack me. And then attacks the mat. And then attacks me again. I can sometimes distract him with pets long enough to make him stop attacking for about 20 to 30 seconds, but then it's back on the attack.

It's a great way to wake up in the morning. It almost always puts a big smile on my face before I walk out the door.

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New Car

A friend of mine got a new car and we were supposed to hang out tonight, but she forgot she had other plans. But she wanted to come over and show me her car. She thought it was selfish but that's just plain silly. I wanted to see her new car too, especially if she was so excited about it.

It's AWESOME!! The whole story of how she got the car is awesome. Basically the guy who sold it to her even though he got a higher offer because he knew his car was going to a good home. So wonderful. Did I mention it's a really fabulous car? Wow!

I stepped on my babycat's paw today. I was in my boots and he got underfoot. He's been limping a bit and I feel really bad. I gave him some ice cream. I think he's forgiven me.

How are you breathing?

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I Voted

...and the only thing my vote did was give $1.75 to my chosen party per year. I still feel good about my vote and I understand that while my vote didn't get someone elected, it still spoke for me. And that's the point.

I realized in this particular election that I need to understand what I am really voting for. I don't know Maurice, but I get his pamphlets all the time which I do not read. Maybe I should start.

My mom votes for the person. I voted for a party this time. Maurice, I'm going to be watching you...

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Fabulous Day!!

Did you know it was a great day today? Well, it was.

I played City of Heroes with friends, I finished reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, I played and cuddled with my cat, talked to my boyfriend, practiced Kung Fu, and generally feel good about work next week. I'm looking forward to potluck at work on Tuesday and all the other things the week might bring - especially time with friends.

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I Was Snooping

As a lot of people know, I like to snoop. So I was snooping and found a link that went to a link that went to another link and apparently, I have an arch-nemesis. And I was starting gossip about them! AND I think they're my friends which gives Dorothy plenty of opportunities to stab me in the back. Apparently, being naive will be my downfall. There are worse ways to go.

Your arch-nemesis is:Dorothy Gail

Why?Because you spread a rumor about them and their dog
The winner will be...Well I guess them, because you consider them a friend
Take this quiz at

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Today was a great. It was very productive.

I was right about yesterday. I did frustrate that guy very much and he apologized, but he actually had to be somewhere at 4 yesterday. Apparently, I wasn't letting him talk. It wasn't a great day so it ended up worse. Ah well, at least that's over.

In other news there is a sheep wearing thongs and sunglasses on the corner of my TV.

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I Made Someone Angry Today

I was talking to someone a lot today and then at 3:30, I was trying to talk to him again and he just said goodbye and hung up on me. Then wouldn't pick up his phone and logged off his computer and turned his cell phone off. Seriously, I have no idea what I said or did so I have no idea what to apologize for. I respect this guy immensely and we've always been able to disagree and get passed it so I have no idea what was up today.

To be honest, I started the day with a phone call that may have made me a bit more aggressive today, but I was just more stubborn than usual and didn't let anyone else talk. Maybe that's it - maybe I just kept cutting him off without meaning to. Maybe it was the funny song I sent him - maybe he took it personally. He knew I sent it to someone else that it really wouldn't apply to. I don't know, but hopefully, he'll tell me tomorrow if it was me or him.

In other news, my tongue has a hole in it.

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Action Packed Evening

It's a shame I don't have evenings like this one more often. I shoveled snow for about 45 minutes after getting home from work. Then I had a small bite to eat before I was off to Kung Fu with this awesome chick. Then was off to clean, clean, and clean some more which, believe it or not, was just as entertaining as other things I've filled my time with these days. It isn't everyday I get to snoop through other people's stuff with their permission. The home to shovel for another 30 minutes.

And now I'm on the couch with my purring kitten. (Yes, my KITTEN!! You heard me! HA!) Soon, I will be tucked away in my bed with a good book.

Maybe I'll go bowling this week too. I'm a wild woman - don't get in my way! I'm sure those of you who know me can hear me giggling maniacly as I say that. It's definitely bed time.

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Summer Plans

My coworker just told me she's going to spend her summer with "kool-aid with a kick" and a trashy book. I think that's an excellent idea. Or to quote someone special - it's AWESOME!

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Five Weird Things

Thanks to her for this one.

1. While it wasn't mentioned by any friends on her blog, the weirdest thing that I do or have done is pretend to be a vampire, werewolf, elf, fallen angel, orc, or other mythical persons. It's weird, but not mentioned because a lot of my friends do this too.

2. I am a person completely driven by emotions and feelings. It has taken me a lot of years to learn to try to apply logic before my gut feeling. And even longer to learn that my intuition is a powerful thing.

3. When I was younger, I used to proclaim loudly that I didn't like opinionated people.

4. I go by my middle name because my parents couldn't decide on how to pronounce my first name which my parents thougt was Queen Victoria's first name when it is really just Latin for queen.

5. I'm wearing fuzzy pink pants with reindeer on them right now. And I will always try to wear some piece of clothing that makes me smile even if others can't see it. Hence my obsession with accessories like scarves, socks, and hats.

While I feel these are five weird things about me, most people already know them. I can't imagine trying to list all the little things that are weird about me.

I was seeing a friend a few years ago quite frequently and at some point each time, he would have to remark that I was so weird. One evening, we didn't make it a block from my house before he had to say it. There's probably something to that. And since I don't feel that being weird is a bad thing, I happily embrace the term. If you do have a negative connotation with being weird, substitute a term that means trusting, confident, honest, sharing thoughts on any subject without segues, and seeing yourself in your own eyes instead of everyone else's.

That it what I aspire to be and that combination of traits seems to be what gets me the title of weird. When I was in high school, I got out of my desk and sat on the floor. I was tired of sitting in my desk and when asked about it, I said because I wanted to sit on the floor. Good for me. The teacher didn't say a word. It's hard to believe now that I had friends at all in high school when I did things like that. I felt a little nervous about it, but I really wanted to sit on the floor. It was weird.

And I can't imagine anyone (with one exception) commenting on this post. In fact, I'm getting a really good giggle about what people's real opinions on my weirdness might be.

And I forgot this one noteworthy weird thing:
6. I laugh just as easily as I cry and have laughed at the colour purple - not the movie. And strawberry. And ride the pie-nanni. And so many other things, it hurts to think about all of them. Quack baby.

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Happy 2006 New Year!!

Spent the day mostly sleeping and really needed it. I actually felt awake for the first time in days when I went out this evening although it was quite the effort to leave the comfort of my bed.

The evening was spent in great company. After an hour in the hot tub chatting with my host, I went to pick up my boyfriend as he can't last that long in the cat infested house with his allergies. Lots of fun and games and good-natured ribbing later, midnight came. Lots of kissing as the clock struck 12.

The only two unattached folks were two of our male friends which was amusing. It's really becoming more and more obvious that we are getting older when these situations occur. Every year, there are more couples or the same ones and more kids or couples from previous years not in attendance because of new kids. Life keeps moving and yet I don't feel old, just more experienced and more rational. Heh. I can't believe I just wrote that - me, more rational... HA!!

I had so much caffeine tonight that after I dropped off my boyfriend, I shovelled the walk and then phoned the Californians to wish them a happy new year as it was almost midnight there. I forgot they are two hours different now. They just left and I miss them already. Been thinking about them this week as they were around all last week and it was so great to see them.

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