Poofy-Tailed Cat

The Brat just about opened the front screen door trying to be territorial. There was another cat on the sidewalk. It was highly amusing to me to watch him race between the screen door and the front window. The hissing was particularly amusing to me. The funniest part was that the other cat on the sidewalk was just sitting there minding his own business. I'm so happy I have such a companion in this life.

I just re-read an email and reply to one of my good friends about the time when my cat went missing. I was heart-broken and there was nothing I could do about it. Her support, and others', was amazing. I know that if I went to her now with anything, the response would be the same although we seem to have grown apart. It seems odd how easily friends slip into acquaintances even though the same feelings are there. The social situation that exists is strangely awkward - this person I used to say anything to, I'm now afraid I'm going to offend just because we haven't talked in a while. And yet, I'm sure the path goes both ways when I say that if that person ever came to me asking for anything, I'd do everything in my power to make whatever the trouble is go away or make it better. Of course, the cat came back (I should've trusted in
Fred Penner) ten days later.

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The Interview

I had an interview today for a manager position at my company. Well, first of all, I forgot that I had been a manager over year-end. How could I forget that? It was all I did for 3 months and I'm not just talking about work hours. I worked so much overtime and didn't have a social life and lived for work. I remembered in my last interview. The more I think about the interview, the more I am appalled by my performance. So, let's not think about that anymore. I get to embarass myself again on Thursday with a presentation to the interviewers.

My triumph for the day was putting my new wheelbarrow together. And I did it without profanity. The neighbours were out on their deck so I decided to behave and not have a freak out. Not that I even came close, but I still think the neighbours had something to do with it.

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday. Lunch at Moxie's with my dear friend and boyfriend. Then she went shopping while the bf and I went to D&D. It was pretty much a bookkeeping day again which isn't bad. We got through a 35 day journey without any problems which was a little different than the previous we had attempted the journey as we met a cave hag, ran into a Despair torturing a Hope, befriended a village of minotaurs and helped them defeat a lot of lizard men, decided not to attack the dragons, were drugged and kidnapped by some angry dwarves, rescued the dwarven leader from being possessed, and ended up teleported home by a creepy arch to find our hometown about to be burned. So, an event free 35 day journey sounds blissful. After D&D, I hung out with Alan all night in front of the TV. We haven't done that in a long time. It was very nice.

No plan for the rest of the evening. Maybe a little City of Heroes with a cat on my lap.

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Lord of the Rings Board Game

My boyfriend and I bought ourselves the cooperative board game Lord of the Rings for our anniversary one year. It was a great investment because we love the game, we just haven't played it in a long time. And we haven't won in even longer. Actually, ever since he picked up the Friends and Foes Expansion. It makes the game a lot harder, but we did fairly well tonight. My visiting friend and I went to visit two other friends of mine in the city - that's where we played tonight. And then we sat in the hot tub for a while.

That was the end to our day. It started out by hanging around the house until late afternoon when my boyfriend called to go see Star Wars Episode 3. So the three of us did that and it was great, everything I expected it to be. The action and fight scenes were great, actually better than I expected. Please don't anyone expect Hayden to have learned how to be passionate with a girl because those relationship scenes weren't good.

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Fabulous Friends

What a great day! Work was mostly unproductive (not really, but it felt that way), I only got one errand done at lunch and it was extremely windy. But those are the worst things that happened. I suppose if I dwell, I could nitpick every little thing, but there's no point because I really enjoyed the day.

I phoned my mom and dad to wish them a happy 33rd anniversary and mom asked me for a favour that was completely within my ability to do so that was errand at lunch that I did get done. Instead of taking the vinyl straight to the bus depot, I found a box big enough at home to pack it with the presents I bought them (mom) in Vancouver. I was so pleased that I remembered. Now if only I could remember to ask mom for my roommate's books back. Anyway, I was packing up her supplies to go on the bus tonight and when I grabbed some old newspapers to use in packing, I saw a 2 year-old article about someone I know in fencing which I haven't thought about in a while. It was inspiring to read the article and I didn't use that particular page for packing. There were also some interesting facts about great horned owls in that paper as well which entertained me this afternoon. Although I forgot to share the article with a friend who I met through fencing and he was even at my house tonight.

My high school friend showed up after I'd had a wonderful afterwork nap and I got to show off my house as she hadn't come to visit since I bought it last September! [gasp] Canadian Tire phoned and the wheelbarrow I got a raincheck for last weekend was already in even though they said June 22 so my friend and I went to pick that up. While at CT, I got a black cat collar that has a clasp that doesn't break-away and it's black which is very sleek looking on the Brat who has Siamese colouring. I also remembered to pick up a plastic patch kit for my air mattress which I've been forgetting about for quite some time. We picked up some groceries and went home. I made homemade pizza and it was great while we chatted. The roommate and sidekicks came home and decided not to watch a movie with us but scittered about upstairs before vamoosing out on the town again.

The Calgarian Agent phoned me, inebriated, late tonight just as Hudson Hawk was ending. He was happy and drunk. It was great. Fabulous, even. [grin]

There were so many great things that happened lately and I keep meaning to let people know because they make me so happy. It's the little things. Like having a piece of paper for a local gamer that I barely know in my wallet for what must be over a year and finally seeing him a few weeks ago and remembering to give it to him. Australia boy would be so proud of me for finally delivering it. I can't remember any of the other things right now, but I'm sure I'll insert them later.

Now, I'm going to complete this excellent day by closing my eyes very soon.

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Earthdawn and Massage

A couple friends came over tonight and we made characters for a roleplaying game we are going to be playing once a week. It was a really good night.

I had a massage right after work and it was absolutely fabulous. Except for the parts where she made me scream in pain. My massage therapist is a friend of mine as well so we always have good chats when I can stay awake. Her favourite joke is "What did one strawberry say to the other strawberry? -If you hadn't been so fresh last night we wouldn't be in this jam." She's so cute, but definitely not as innocent as you might think. She's planning a stag/stagette for this weekend. Let the good times roll! I hadn't seen her in about three weeks and she really noticed the weight I'd lost. This week, I've really noticed as well. Tomorrow, I get to see how I did overall since last week. I'm hoping for the best, but I've been flucuating a lot this week.

A good friend from high school is coming to Saskatoon to visit this weekend. I'm so looking forward to it. I'm going to make us some pizza for supper tomorrow night and then, although she works at a movie store, we'll probably just stay in a watch a movie.

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Gilmore Girls

I've been neglecting my Gilmore Girls lately. I feel ashamed. I love them sooo much. But it begs the question - why am I paying for cable when I haven't watched my favourite show in 4 weeks? Especially when my favourite show is actually on peasant vision which is free.

That might have been brought on my the fact that I'm dreading balancing my books tonight. I haven't done it since my computer got sick about three or four months ago. It was a dark time. I don't actually like thinking about it.

The Gilmore Girls are a great distraction from the drama at work. A co-worker put it best today by saying that she likes to stay under the radar. Unfortunately, I like sticking my nose everywhere which often means my toes end up where they don't belong without my realizing it. Of course, I'd hate it a lot if things were simple and easy. I'd have to start making stuff up to talk about. Heh.

I did a lot of running around today at lunch. I'm finally figuring out that lunch hour isn't just for eating lunch anymore. Today, I went grocery shopping, did the dishes, and went to one bank to withdraw to put into another bank. I actually didn't have a chance to eat. Been doing that lately. Picked up a salad at the grocery store which I finally ate at 2:30. I'll figure it out eventually.

Oh yeah, I also had time to put the cat out... For those of you who live in Saskatoon, you know what happened this afternoon. It rained. And Misha's leash doesn't afford him the luxury of hiding under the steps. I worked late today too. I got home to an empty backyard and a note from the roommate. Apparently the "sopping" cat was dried with the duck towel. And while he was mostly dry, he still smelled like wet cat and that was oh, so pleasant. Poor, poor roommate. And all this after a crazy caffeine hangover wake up when my alarm went off and I freaked out and was in the shower before feeding the cat. That means that the Brat meowled for 20 minutes outside the bathroom door. It wasn't a pretty scene and I'm not just talking about me in a towel.

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Frustration at Work

So I asked for help yesterday on something and the answer I got was, "Here is a case where is doesn't work. And oh, by the way, you did this other thing wrong too." No additional information and basically telling me to check around on my own and do all the things that I thought were in their job description. But now, it seems I have to take my time to do their job all over again. In addition, I certainly didn't ask to have my work checked. I asked their a specific question and the sample data I sent doesn't have to be perfect. So not only do I not have a concrete answer, I've wasted a day waiting for it. GAH!!

And now this... A co-worker that I *thought* I was on good terms with, is upset with me but won't talk to me about it. I just want to hide in a hole. I don't know what I did now.

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Mmmm.... Caffeine

Today was busy as I thought. But really good. And maybe a little caffeinated. Wheeeeeeee...

I had supper with the new salesguy in my office and another friend from the office. That's where the caffeine came in. I had way too much and I know I should have had water, but I didn't. So suffering the consequences, I got really wired and really funny because I was talking too much and too fast. I have no idea whether I was embarassing myself or not, but I had a good time.

I actually had no problems getting up this morning. It was a nice surprise, but it was a little yucky out so I couldn't put the Brat out for the morning. I just had to listen to him whine.

I returned the cat collar and planned on getting a new one at the same pet centre, but they only had the regular buckle ones and the stupid break-away ones. Oh and harnesses which have no effect on my cat's squippiness quotient. They're useless too. Just seemed so silly not to have all types of collars at a pet store.

My friend from Calgary saw Walking on Water and said it's a really good movie so I've put it on my "Movies to See" list. And then he told me about the great day he had. I'm going to visit him at the end of June which I'm also excited about. I don't have any additional vacation days to take then, but a quick weekend trip will be cool.

The Fading Suns game today was great. We had a great fight scene where we called upon the flaming church's help. A huge contradiction to the previous game. Secrets came out and I was wired on caffeine so I was really distracting and talkative although trying very hard not to be.

And in other great news, I got approved for my vacation today for August so that I can go to San Francisco with my boyfriend. I'm going to book the flight tomorrow. I'm just so excited about the whole thing. YAY!!

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Short Day

Today was a very short day. I woke up kind of late which was earlier than the past two days, but still. And only 12 hours later, I'm winding down for the day.

I phoned a friend's mom about borrowing her edger for the yard. They're only about $20 so I'm thinking about buying one myself, but I don't know if I need one year after year. We'll see. However, I did get a Dutchee V or stirrup hoe today. I used one when I worked on a produce farm in my teens and it was always my favourite hoe after that. Yes, I have a favourite hoe.

Early's Farm and Garden is a dangerous place for me to shop, really. It's a pet centre as well. Although I was disappointed in the variety of cat supplies as opposed to dog supplies. And that the exact same leash, one with a picture of a cat on the label and one with a picture of a dog, was a dollar more for the cat version. Sheesh! At any rate, the Brat has lost his roaming priveleges by losing his collar with all his ID and now must be tied up in the yard at all times. Now at least, he can go outside after supper which was always a no-no before.

The new collar didn't work very well either. I didn't look at it closely enough - it's a breakaway collar which means one good tug frees the cat from the collar. My cat is very stubborn so the collar has to be firmly attached to his neck or he will get out of it. He's even squirmed his way out of harnesses.

I tried to buy a wheelbarrow at Canadian Tire, but they were sold out of the one I wanted so I took a raincheque. The next shipment probably won't be in until June 20th. I'm hoping I don't need it as much by then otherwise my roommate and I will be very far behind in yardwork. In fact without my roommate, I doubt any of the progress made on the yard would be where it is today.

So all in all, a very unsuccessful shopping day.

The yard is really starting to take shape though. The roommate and I planted poppies, columbines, pumpkins, tomatoes, sunflowers, amaranthus, spaghetti squash and some other stuff today. And almost all the transplanted raspberries from the roomie's previous abode are budding. And we transplanted a schwack of irises from the front yard to the back. Yes, indeed a whole schwack.

My to do list for today didn't really get done. I did do yardwork and some vacuuming and I did watch Finding Nemo with my boyfriend, but that's about it. And now, my cat is sleeping peacefully on my bed reminding me that tomorrow is going to be a very busy day indeed. Maybe the laundry, I'm looking forward to it.

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Long Weekends

I love long weekends. Especially the May long weekend. It seems that I never have plans to leave Saskatoon or anything. It's really great. I talked forever on the phone this weekend to friends and family. My roommate and I had a really good chat this weekend that we have to have once in a while. I'm inordinately pleased that he can say to my face that I'm annoying anal retentive about a lot of things. It's something I know and it helps me stay mostly sane. [grin]

Yesterday, I spent most of the day doing me things. Playing City of Heroes with my friends. Creating this blog and figuring out a good way to publish my pictures of Vancouver. I'll add more pictures later now that I've mastered the art of web album publishing. Doing things that I've meant to do for a while and just keep having other obligations come first. Oh yeah, and I caught up on some sleep that I missed last Monday night when all I got was a half hour nap in the evening. Tuesday sure was a long day.

Then today I got to help a friend celebrate his 28th birthday. It was a bit of a smaller gathering than I'm used to but great company all the same. I ate way too much chocolate and sat in the hot tub for a while. We played Apples to Apples which is a lot of fun. My family would enjoy that game, I think. I still think the game Hoopla was amazing fun and is a cooperative game which always appeals to me. We played that at another party. My boyfriend and I were there for over 7 hours. It was nice not to have to run home to bed because I have to work in the morning. Of course, that doesn't mean that I'm not going into work to get stuff done for Tuesday, but it means I don't have to be there at 8 a.m.

My boyfriend decided to run a role-playing game for heroes. Not a lot of gray area between right and wrong. A lot of my games seem to always be in that gray area which makes for interesting role-playing but it gets a bit too real somedays. On occasion it's nice to have an easy choice between right and wrong. Real life doesn't give you that many days. So two of our friends are going to play Earthdawn with me. There might be a fourth player, but we'll see. I'm beginning to really appreciate smaller groups even though there aren't as many skills, the role-playing is a lot more fun.

Oh and the Brat lost his collar when he was gallivanting outside today. I have no idea where it could be but I really don't want to let him out without it. Maybe I could try to follow him, but I don't think I'd be that successful. If I'm outside when he is, he likes to stick close to me or roll over to get a belly rub all the time. When I'm outside, he's not in adventure mode. Hopefully whoever finds it will give me a call as my number is on his tags as is his vet clinics number and his Saskatoon license number although I hope that one isn't used as it might result in a fine for me.

Tomorrow, I'm going to feel the pull of responsibility again and will vacuum the house, do yardwork, put in some overtime, do laundry. If I get all that done early enough, I'll be able to spend the evening on a date. We were reminded of Finding Nemo tonight so I've got a hankering to watch it.

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Canadian Cancer Society Crusade

I just realized that the Relay for Life in which I'm entered on a team is in 2 weeks. Oops! What a horrible thing to forget. So in an effort to reach my goal by then, I've sent out a mass email for donations. Anything anyone can give really.

Hiya! I've been meaning to get around to this email for a while, but it's a hard one for me to write. I hate asking for money from people, but every day, the fight against cancer is made easier for so many people because of your donations.

As most of you know, my mom got breast cancer a few years ago. She had a mastectomy and all the tests done after the fact showed no sign that the cancer had spread beyond her breast. After several meetings with her doctor, she decided to have the other breast removed to *reduce* the risk of developing breast cancer again. Nothing will ever make the percentage zero. Her story is not unique or even rare, but that's what I want to make it.

Your donation doesn't have to be big - one or two dollars would do, but the important thing is that all those one and two dollar donations turn into hundreds and thousands of dollars. My donation along with yours will help so many others fighting this terrible disease.

At the kick-off steak night supper, the office manager of the Saskatoon Canadian Cancer Society unit told us about an amazing discovery made in an Ontario cancer research facility. They have found something that, in tests, has removed cancerous
tumours from mice completely and when the same mice are injected with more cancer, that cancer too is gone within a time frame. It sounded amazing and it means we're getting somewhere and all the money being directed towards research just means we get closer everyday.

If any of you saw my bald head, you'd know how passionate I am about this disease. Please help me in the fight against cancer.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

So there you have it. If you would like to pledge online, please do. As I said, every little bit helps. Our team name is Purple Hats.

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Vancouver is so beautiful. There were so many flowers in bloom and some that were already done their spring bloom. It was absolutely gorgeous.

My "business" trip was really a reward for a year of volunteer extra duties and all the extras I do around my office as the Location Manager. All the Location Managers from across Canada, 10 of us, got to go to Vancouver for three days. And there was only a half day of meetings. We got a professional tour of Vancouver, supper and shopping on Granville Island, and an afternoon at the aquarium.

The fresh seafood part of being on the coast was a bit lost on me, but I do love halibut so I had that twice and then filet mignon for a third meal. I was in heaven, really. Even on the South Beach Diet, all these are fantastic options. I was impressed at still having lost a 1/2 pound last week. Being on vacation usually spells disaster for most diets.

On our third day, a co-worker from the Winnipeg office and I rented a car and went to Chinatown to visit Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. It was amazing and we didn't even take the tour which would have told us about the meaning behind everything in the garden like the colour of the water, the shape of the roof and the double corridor.

And then we went shopping in Steveston which is at the south end of Richmond. My co-worker thought I was going to buy an entire store, but the service was just so thorough - they even gave me extra tissue paper for when I wrap a gift that I'd bought there.

The hotel I stayed at left a lot to be desired. It was the Hilton Vancouver Airport. I've written them a letter expressing my extreme disappointment so we'll see if they make up for it. On the other side of that coin, the service I received from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car location next to the Richmond Best Western on Westminster Hwy was absolutely fabulous. Courteous, respectful, helpful and accommodating.

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