The Five Fisherman

That sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it's not. Surprised? Heh.

So tonight, only four of us dined together at a restaurant called the Five Fisherman. They have a salad and fresh steamed mussel bar. WOW! Fresh steamed mussels are fabulous! No squish-pop at all. None. And they tasted really delicious as well.

We had this waiter whose name was Sean. He didn't seem real nice at first and I thought I was going to have a miserable time. The first of us ordered and the salad and mussel bar is complimentary with any entree. She mentioned the mussels and asked if he would brought them to her or if she had to get them herself. After some discussion, he said that he'd bring hers to her. It was quite cute. And going in order of age, the second person ordered. She too mentioned she wanted the salad and mussel bar at which point, Sean interrupted and said politely, "The salad and mussel bar is complimentary with each entree." Without missing a beat, the woman replies, "Right, shut up then. Got it." Sean, who had been all too serious up until now, doubled over with laughter and admitted, "You got me. I'm not a nice person." He might have used stronger language but it's already fuzzy in my memory. The night was much more interesting and fun from that point on. Sean was a big flirt. We tried to make conversation with him, but he said, "We'll chit chat later. I just got two new tables." It was how he did it. Real charismatic, this guy, but really not nice. So, he reminded me of a certain ex-waiter friend of mine. He'll be nice to you because you'll pay him well if he acts the way he's supposed to. We still knew he was being nice to us to get a big tip. We didn't disappoint. 15% on the bill to expense (cap) and an extra 10% in cash from us. We really liked him.

And you'll never guess who was one of his new tables - the phone guys from work! They were sitting in the table across from ours. We ran into them in the office yesterday. And even though we were from across the country, we all knew him because he'd come to each of our locations to do phone upgrades. Really good guys.

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rilla said...

That's too funny! While you were describing your server, all I could think was that our mutual friend would probably say very similar things to his tables.

Drang said...

I can't decide if it's me or bne who you're talking about. I'm guessing it's him, as I've got the more ingrained filter.

A customer (a pain-in-the-ass regular who I frequently wished a slow and painful death upon wilst giving good service) once asked me why I was so good, and I told her straight out: I'm a good actor. She was too dim to get the implication that was obvious to me: if it weren't for the money, I'd rather back over you with my car and then spin the tires.

'course, I'm no longer an ex-waiter, as I'm back at Der Waffel Hause for the summer. :(

rilla said...

*I* was thinking about bne, but now that you mention it, Suz may have been thinking of either of ya. I suspect though, that she also had bne in mind.

Christopher said...

I have secret insider information that she wasn't thinking of drang. Personally, I've never seen drang growl at anyone, even from behind a grin.

Amy said...

I am terrifed at the thought of Drang grinning and growling at the same time. I think I would run away very fast.

Bne said...

Run, from a "110 pound streak of misery"?

And yeah, although I tend to not be so blunt with the nice people, and you've seen me when you bring in the good looking ones. (grin)

There are rules. A table of woman has the rule of "Flirt and be funny to get paid." The phone guys were probably more "Leave them alone, or make sports chat to get paid". The "paid" you see, is compulsary.

You do know that "The Five Fisherman" is where Average Height Man worked? I remember when he told me about coming in to work to find three cooks wrestling a halibut while a fourth clubbed it. "Is the seafood fresh? Umm, yes."

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