Boring Times

I'm a little crazy sometimes, and I figure, how can that be boring? And yet, I think I'm pretty boring right now. Nothing really going on of note in my life that would spark a conversation.

How's the whole live-in situation? Really great. I still want to spend most of my time with him.

Doing anything besides hanging out with the stable boy? Not really. I mean, there's the games - Mage, In Nomine, D&D, and Low Life, but not a whole lot else. Haven't been to many movies lately. Spending time with friends as usual, but I won't talk about that. I mean, I wouldn't want to be considered a gossip or anything. ;)

Working on any projects? Tons of stuff at work that I'm feeling pretty good about but that's boring as hell to talk about. Well, I should be doing all kinds of stuff around the house, but I'd rather spend time hanging out with the stable boy. I've been playing too much Text Twist this week too.

I got to be a book geek on the weekend and spend my $30 that I got for my birthday and the bookstore. And then there was the $100 award I got at work for being so cool. I spent that on books too. I officially spent about $90 on books last weekend and ordered one that I should get this weekend. It's pretty awesome to spend that much money on books. My bag from the bookstore broke from the weight of it all. Heh.

The Little One got attacked by one of the other cats and got a couple wounds where her fur had been pulled out along with some skin. She's healing okay, but they're at the perfect spot on the back of her neck to scratch.

In an effort to be less boring, I will be hanging out with more friends in person, not just Cheruby and reading something. My Post Secret books are great, but they are really personal and I don't know that I want to talk about them. I like to have the secrets to myself and what kind of life those people really live.

Oh, and welcome, to the blogging world, AJ!

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