Big Sigh

It's not done yet - this big project I'm working on. I'm tired, but happy to be working on it at home and not in some other city. I missed being at home. I've been crying way too much for my own liking. I'm tired of it, but as soon as I get enough sleep, the situation hits me again and I cry.

Nobody really wants to hear about that though.

Hmmm... let's talk about something else. While Rilla had to choose extraction rather than root canal with cap and crown, Cheruby and I chose the root canal route. Of course, she didn't tell us about the additional cap and crown costs. I don't think we'd have done it any differently, but still, I like to know these things. Cheruby is nursing his face back to health with video games. It wasn't just a root canal today, he also got a filling and a wisdom tooth extracted as well. I don't know exactly how much pain he's in because he's pretty happy to be playing Warhawk with Buddy. In a month, Cheruby gets to have more fillings and another wisdom tooth extracted. And then after that, he gets the cap and crown.

While that was more fun than the first bit of news, still not on the good side of the scale.

I get to see my niece this weekend! YAY!

I had a corset fitting a while ago. YAY!

I got to see my mom on her birthday. YAY!

I got to meet a very cute baby who lives in Calgary. YAY!

Hopefully, I'll be more exciting soon.

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