Pride and Prejudice (and Zombies) Wedding

I've been working way too much, but all that is done now and I'm in full on wedding mode. It's 8 days until the wedding. ... Eight days. ... Eeeeeep!!!

I really should have called you by now if I haven't heard from you, but I haven't so I'll be emailing or calling you shortly. I really do hope that you're coming.

There is still so much to do like helping guests with attire fit for a Pride and Prejudice wedding for those who want to dress up because not every one has the inclination which is perfectly okay with me as the most important thing is to have our guests there to celebrate the day with us.

My first piece of advice is exhaustively review Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion. Every time I'm directed back to this site because of new search criteria I've entered, I find something new that these wonderful people have compiled. In the many, many hours I have spent on the internet looking for just the perfect things for this wedding, no one site is as comprehensive as this one.

The second piece of advice is to watch A&E's Pride and Prejudice. Colin Firth makes an excellent Mr. Darcy. Some other films and TV mini-series you might seek out can be found at Jessamyn's Bookstore in the Videos of Regency dramas section.

Here are some simple tricks for knowing whether or not you're on the right track for your Regency wear. Guests can take or leave any or all of these suggestions. As above, Regency era costuming is not required.

  • Hair should be between short and medium length. Facial hair should be non-existent except for sideburns.
  • Jacket or coat should be longer than today's usual length. Tails are great, but not strictly necessary. There are lots of details with a true Regency tailcoat that are not needed to get the general feel for the era.
  • White poofy shirt with white cravat are fairly easy essentials to the look.
  • Waistcoat or vest should be straight cut across the bottom at the waist.
  • Tight pants were the style. The ladies had to know what they were getting somehow.
  • Plain black slippers or shoes with a large buckle were the footwear with long trousers.
  • Generally the trousers, waistcoat and coat were three different colours.
  • Acceptable accoutrements include top hots, canes, leather gloves.
  • Hair should be worn up, typically with a hair accessory of sorts such as two ribbons or small flowers.
  • Dresses had empire waists, poofy upper sleeves, and hung to the floor.
  • Plain ballet flats or slippers are acceptable footwear.
  • Bonnets were the most common hats, but there were other styles of hats worn at the time.
  • Other accessories could be parasols, gloves, fans, or reticule (small handbag).
This is not a comprehensive list of costume options by any means. We whole-heartedly encourage anyone who would like to do more research for appropriate apparel options to do so. We would just love to see people come out and have fun.

  • Make up is key. There are many good websites for decent zombie make up including So You Wanna Be A Zombie, Zombie Maker, and one livejournaler's Zombie Costume/Makeup! compilation of links.
  • Clothing can be simplified from the above lists to ripped poofy shirt and pants or empire-waisted dress with appropriate dried blood spatter.
  • Modern clothing for any zombie in attendance is permissable.
  • Gift registry can be found here: ; to access the listing, "MrDarcy" will need to be entered. We haven't had a lot of time for shopping so the list is kind of sparse right now. When in doubt, a donation to your charity of choice in honour of us will do nicely.
Check back often for updates here and on the gift registry.

Questions and tips from our viewers:
  1. Are chimney sweeps acceptable? Yes on two conditions. The first is that it must be a young child. And secondly, the child must be a gift to the couple. ;)
  2. Here is Miss Brown's Guide to Regency Dress for Women in PDF format.
  3. And Miss Brown's Guide to Regency Attire for Men.
  4. Get your cravats here!
  5. Gift registry has been updated. 7/28
  6. If you haven't received your invite yet, please let me know.

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neuba said...

Thank you for the suggestions, unfortunately, I'm likely going to wear whats comfortable - being 8 months pregnant and all.

Suz said...

Funny that you wouldn't be comfortable in something with the only restriction being just under yours boobs. ::grin::

But yes, I definitely want you to be comfortable.

Rachel Marie said...

Hi! I'm researching Pride and Prejudice themed weddings and I think you had a great idea to add the zombies! I was wondering if you had any pictures so I could see how it turned out. :)

Suz said...

Hi Rachel,

You can find me on Facebook (piratebuttercup at gmail dot com) to look at our photos. I've got lots of great tips that might help you as well.

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