To Babble or Not to Babble

So, this is pregnancy. Waking up at 5 hours of sleep to NEED to do something. Doing something and then sleeping for another 5 hours. Rambling thoughts that go everywhere, but when I try to remember where I've been, it's blank. No complete awareness of what's going on around me no matter how hard I concentrate at times. I don't trust myself driving. My memory is a sieve and I'm so not used to it - any of it. It consumed most of my waking thoughts - am I getting enough vitamins? have I already done irreversible damage? is it a boy or a girl? am I going to be strong enough when I need to be? will I remember the pain? will I resent my baby for the loss of time for me? can I trust myself?

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Cori said...

Yes. No. Girl. Yes. No. On occasion, but most of the time it'll more than make up for it. Yes.

Suz said...

Thanks, Cori.

neuba said...

I too will provide some answers - as recently becoming a mother, all of the things you are thinking of are still fresh in my mind.

Vitamins?: You are probably taking a prenatal vitamin - then Yes!

Irreversible Damage?: to what? Your memory?

Boy or Girl?: You'll find out in only a few short months.

Strong enough?: Sometimes Yes and sometimes No. When it's No, you lean on your hubby, A LOT, or family or friends.

Pain?: Yes and No. Remarkably, truly remembering what it felt like disappears relatively quickly.

Resent baby for loss of 'me time'?: Yes, however this too shall pass.

Trust?: You have to, and you will!

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