The Waiting Game

This could go on for weeks, this waiting. I might just go a little crazy with the waiting, but it's doing the house a lot of good. It's never been this organized or clean. I could still be at it for weeks without much trouble, I'm sure.

The baby's room and stuff is all organized and catalogued where it came from so I can properly thank all the extremely generous people in my life. The laundry is all done including all the blankets and sheets and towels and everything that's been waiting to be washed since we moved. The bags for the hospital are mostly packed - still can't find my ducky slippers. The car is vacuumed and the car seat installed, albeit we have no idea whether it's done properly. The Christmas tree is up and makes the house smell fabulous. I've made myself a few blankets and baby things which made my Cheruby grin from ear to ear.

And some of the things that are still swimming in my mind to do:

  • organize my office
  • organize the basement
  • hang up the remaining plants
  • make roman shades for all the windows
  • decorate the Christmas tree
  • wrap presents
  • take pictures of the house for those who haven't seen it yet and post them
  • put together our family/friend pictures for display in the living room
  • organize all the music on my computer in anticipation of a new iPod
  • consolidate all my contact information for people I know into one list
  • play Indiana Jones Lego on the Wii (so been neglecting this one)
  • enjoy these last days of being pregnant - I do so love my pregnant belly
  • bake some Christmas cookies which is harder to do when I don't want to eat them

The lady at the post office said that it wouldn't be time until I was jumping off the furniture to clean the ceilings. That's not on the list yet so it may still be a few weeks. I think December is a good time for the waiting game - so much to do.

There is hoarfrost on the trees this morning and it's supposed to be zero degrees today. There are little things every day that are worth noticing.

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