Ebb and Flow

Yesterday, I had a great morning. I hung out with Kara after she crawled into bed with me in the morning. We did the Access routine together and she was a trooper. I was proud of her for sticking with me for the whole thing. Then we did some laundry and fed the animals and she read by herself for a while. Then I made us waffles while Kara put dishes away from the dishwasher for the first time. Then I had a shower. 

And then the good times were over. I was a basket of mess and hot tears for a couple hours. Still proud of myself for having such a good start to the day. 

Josie, Kara, and I went for a short walk which helped my pulled groin muscle (but not my mood) and then I had an Epsom sat bath to help it further. I watched an episode of Hemlock Grove while there. I was in there for two hours. Kara decided against a bath so I had no reason to get out. 

Jer got home and I cried for another couple hours. He just looked at me, saying nothing because all he wanted to do was fix me somehow. I was grateful for the silence. I don't need fixing.

After talking about my day, I was able to work for a bit which felt nice. I haven't been able to for what feels like a long time, but who knows.

Jeremy made supper and did dishes and we watched an episode of OITNB as we are seriously lagging behind. Then he read to me for a while which felt good. I almost fell asleep and then Kara came in and jumped on me for kisses goodnight. So much for the sleep plan. She entirely adorable though. :)

More laundry got done thanks to Jer.

All in all, it was a better day. 

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