I decided to take it easy on the drive to Calgary this evening which means I wasn't even doing 100 km/hr at times. It was a nice drive. The lightning around Drumheller was spectacular as usual.

I listened to my iPod play such classics as Tentacles and Saturday Night. Saturday Night came on at a crucial point in the drive about 25 kilometres out of Hanna. I don't remember the last time I had to pee that badly. I was almost crying. I usually stop at the Husky or Esso actually in Hanna, but the Shell station won this time by being so much sooner on the road.

Clark got many boxes of stuff this evening and we've just finished unloading the car. Hopefully, whatever was scratching from within one of the boxes for the entire drive has gone back to sleep.

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Siochain said...

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...... Ha hahahahahahahahaha!!!!
Snort.... giggle....

You said pee...
Call me! ARRRR!

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