No Time

How is it that I can't seem to keep the house clean lately and can't keep with my friends' blogs for two months, but I can find time to play a new online game?

Having too much fun, I guess. [grin] I think that a certain Cheruby has been occupying much of my time. It was a mere 4 months ago we met. Seems like so much more time than that has passed - in a good way. Scratch that, in a fantabulous way.

Tonight I should get a little more caught up on things as I prepare for a trip to Edmonton to visit Bne and all my new Edmonton friends. And my old Edmonton friends too. And family. Did I mention that I took Tuesday off work so that I would have time to visit all my friends and family?

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Kim said...

No Time, No Time, how I know how that is! See I do read your blog, it's the only way I can keep up with your life. Have fun in Edmonton!


rach said...

bne in Edmonton?!? when did that happen?!? Have I really been asleep that long?!?

ps... say hi for me to the edmonton friends who I now consider my friends too... Any friend on yours...

rac said...

oops any friend OF yours, not ON yours... What a Freudian slip that was

Suz said...

Well, it was decided around the same time he decided to go to Europe. Now that he's back, three weeks earlier than expected, he's moved to Edmonton.

Jenn & Owen said...

YAY Suz is coming to Edmonton! We'll hug her and kiss her and squeeze her and love her and never let her go!

rach said...

Sorry, but you'll have to let her go... Imagine how silly you'd look going to work with a Suzi stuck to you!!! You'd get pointed at at the very least... and sometimes she needs to be home so I can see her, too, you know. But feel free to hug her and kiss her and squeeze her, by all means! Give her some love from me, too

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