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The little one has decided that playing in the bathtub after my shower is her new favourite game and now the shower drain filter is missing. It's a good thing she's so cute.

The big brat is way happier this winter with the little one to chase around and beat on. He hasn't even started gaining his usual winter weight.

Christmas shopping is going well. I think a trip to a few choice stores will see my mission complete. And I've really only ventured into 3 stores. Online shopping is a great thing. It's been a lot of fun shopping for my staff even though it's a little hard on my wallet. They're worth it.

Our adopted family at work has 10 people! Mom, dad and 8 kids of which the oldest is 12 and there are two sets of twins and only one girl! I'm making stockings for them with their names on them. I hope they like them.

If you haven't heard, I'm hosting a holiday get together on December 16th. Please come if you can. I'd love to see everyone.

I've watched a schwack of Dune in the past week, been outraged by Gilmore Girls (Christopher sucks, Cori), and been entertained by the Scarlet Pimpernel.

D&D isn't dying completely, just relocating and being played less often. It was a particularly excellent session this week. It was so intense that Cheruby was worried that the animosity between our characters might spill over into real life. I assured him that it wouldn't. I had a really fantastic time.

My beautiful niece phoned me on the weekend which was pretty cool. We chatted about the awful thing grandma had done to her which was sending her a Christmas present 4 weeks before Christmas and not letting her open it. Heh.

And today is going to be a beautiful day with tomorrow being even better. It's supposed to be +1 degrees here tomorrow. YAY!

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Cori Quite Contrary said...

He /did/ suck this week, I have to admit. Oh, non-Palladinos, please don't go back to sucky Christopher?


cenobyte said...

"Cheruby was worried that the animosity between our characters might spill over into real life."

Hm. Cheruby has much to learn, but he is appropriately geeky.

Carry on.

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