So Cute!

So as I was in the middle of a crisis at work this morning, I saw a little boy walking to school all bundled up with a backpack on his back. He went straight into the huge pile on snow in my front yard. He knew there was a big rock there that was totally climbable now with all the snow. He got to the top of the rock and just stood there for a moment. I wondered what he was up to and then it happened. He fell straight backwards into my snow filled yard. I giggled wildly for a few seconds as I enjoyed the moment. Unfortunately, it wasn't as pleasant for the boy as he ended up with snow up his back.

I remember every moment of when I did that when I was a kid. Just letting yourself fall and even the snow in unpleasant places. It hurts more now.

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rach said...

No fair. The only excitement I get at work is climbing 20' up pallet racking in an unheated warehouse (and if you hadn't heard, it's freakin' cold here)to investigate "mystery boxes", only to discover the "missing" summer clothing has been inhabitted by every mouse in southern Alberta, who have destroyed $2000 of clothing, and are now running up my pants. Except for the dead ones...

rilla said...

I don't know, rach. That actually sounds very exciting. I think my heart would be racing like crazy after that.

rach said...

But, it's not good excitement, you know whatI mean?

Cori Quite Contrary said...

I remembered this post and made a snow angel in our yard last night. There was just too much snow not to.

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