Our First Date

Was one year ago today. I remember being completely bonkers. I didn't feel that any of my clothes were good enough for this first date. I dragged a co-worker shopping with me at lunch and I tried on many, many shirts. The last one I had in the change room was it - an orange T-shirt. And I looked so darn cute in it! It was my first thought when I saw myself in the mirror. Then I came out and my thoughts were echoed by the salesperson and my friend.

There are certain things I remember from that night. I remember losing badly at Lord of the Rings. I remember the grilled cheese sandwiches we had for supper. What else do you have at Lydia's that's reliably good? I remember the place being pretty much empty although I'm not sure how much of that was just me being wrapped up in our date. I remember having to let you pay so you could "feel like a big man." And I remember how I laughed at that. I remember holding hands on our walk along the river. I remember not feeling very self conscious and just thoroughly enjoying myself. I remember how messy your hair was. I remember trying to find that smile I saw in your picture. I remember a kiss on my hand goodnight although you really wanted to kiss my lips. I remember a hug too. I remember the story about why you walk the way you do. And I remembered that your best friend's name was Matt. I remember flapping and how it made me giggle. I probably filled Lydia's with my laughter that night. I remember driving in my car to park next to yours while we walked so we could walk back to our cars together later.

And I remember being so certain about you. Here we are, clowder and all.

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rilla said...

Lovely post, Suz. I can't believe that was a year ago. Man. What a year.

neuba said...

New relationships are full of wonder, surprise, intrigue, giddiness, laughter....

It has been awhile since I've seen the two of you, but from what I can remember you still have that.

That is fantastic.

Miss you! I'll be back on the May long weekend.

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