Eventful Day

So many things pulling me in so many directions today.

First, it was an not early enough morning. I was a few minutes late for work. I would have been later if Cheruby hadn't gotten up with me and made me a quick breakfast and packed my lunch. Such a sweetie.

I got a phone call from my brother at work today too. And he gave me some happy news that made me stand up and exclaim loudly for joy! He applied for and was just offered the Manager of Saskatchewan for his company. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! That means he's moving away from evil Calgary. He's moving to Regina, but it's still 400 km closer. I'm soooo excited for him. He was in a bit of shock this morning. We'll see what he says in a couple of weeks when I see him.

I've been having trouble concentrating all day, but managed to get through because work sometimes just gets in my face and doesn't let me not focus on it.

Then Cheruby gave me a message from the Scotia Bank. Apparently, my mortgage payment is overdue. WHAT!?!?! I tried to be calm. We sorted out that they tried to withdraw it from the wrong account and the guy asked me whether I wanted to call my bank to sort it out or if I wanted him to. I was still doing mini-freakouts in between perfectly rational conversation about the situation. I told him that I wanted whatever was easier to fix it. He offered to call and then follow up with me once it was all done. They were going to back date the payment so there wasn't anything in my history about a late payment. I'm feeling more sane and I think I'll call my banker tomorrow.

While I was on hold, I think I got a little tense because I all of a sudden had a horrible pain in my chest like my ribs were rubbing together. It didn't go after stretching and breathing to relax after the call so I made an appointment to see my chiropractor. I was lying on the table resting and trying to make my chest muscles relax so I could be in less pain and it occurred to me to look at my day planner. I swore a couple times. I actually had an appointment yesterday that I missed and a doctor's appointment this morning that I missed. GAH!!! Why have I all of a sudden started missing appointments?!?! Anyway, I'm trying not to stress about it and I'll make another appointment tomorrow. My guilt is really the only thing that I need to get over as it screams, "But you're the dependable one!" Don't worry though, the pillow smothers most of the noise. [grin]

Then wonderful supper from Cheruby, one of my favourites chili-lime kabobs. Mmmm...

And just a few minutes ago I found some mail at the front door. Cheruby forgets to tell me when exciting things happen sometimes. This mail was from some really cool people that I wish I could spend way more time with but they are too far away. I got cool dice in the mail today! Can you say the same? [GRIN]

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Amy said...

Yay, I'm glad the dice made it! (um, assuming that you're talking about those dice. Maybe you get dice from people all the time). My post-office guy assured me that I didn't need an official customs tag, and I'm glad he was right.

Roll 'em in good health!

Suz said...

Yep, it's those dice. Cheruby is jealous becuase I'm not sharing. ;)

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