Why Is My Kitten Crying?

Every since someone said that it's boring to blog about your pets, I've been seriously trying not to. They bring such joy to my existence every day that it's really hard not to talk about them. Well, you're going to have to suck up the boredom because I laughed for a really long time at these incidents.

Cats, in my house, are not allowed on the counter. Do they go there anyway? All the freakin' time! But they know they aren't supposed to be there so they flee as quickly as possible which is usually much more quickly than I can extricate my from what I'm doing to catch them. I may have mentioned that one of my kiddenz is quite dumb. She's very pretty and that makes up for it, but she's still my dumb one. Her first route of escape was the back porch after jumping down from the kitchen counter. There's no way out from the back porch except back through the kitten where I was now standing. In a very bold maneuver, she ran through the kitchen and down the basement stairs. I have never seen a cat move this fast inside a house. She was a blur. And when a cat launches itself down a flight of stairs going that fast, it's not likely that they are going to touch the stairs at all. The effect is very flying squirrel-like. She was half way down the stairs and still 2 feet above them. It was way too funny. I feared, in between the fits of laughter, that she'd hit her head so hard on the freezer at the bottom that she'd seriously hurt herself.

Then sometime when my dad was here doing work on the house, we let the kiddenz outside. This isn't unusual and they are happiest when their humans are outside with them anyway. My dad and I are working on the new front step and there comes this kitten crying. I thought it was coming from between the houses so the kitten must be at the back of the house. I go to the back, but it gets quieter. I check inside the house, but can hear absolutely nothing. Back outside to the front of the house because I must have been imagining things. Nope, there's the kitten crying again and louder now and from the same direction. As I moved between my house and the neighbour's toward the back, it was getting quieter again so I stopped and called. And all of a sudden it was REALLY loud. Yes, there's my dumb one - on the roof of the neighbour's house. Then she was effortlessly on my roof. And then back to the neighbour's roof. All the time crying because she wanted down. It's hard to decide between rescuing a dumb kitten and laughing at her for a while. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures. Who says cats with no front claws can't climb trees?

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rilla said...

Now I feel like a heel. I love it when you talk about your cats because I know them and can imagine the stupid situations that they get themselves into. Out of curiosity, was there a ladder propped up against your house? My parents had their cats climbing onto the roof of their house via ladder all the time.

Suz said...

Meh, don't worry about it. I still talk about my cats because I think they're awesome. I just usually try to throw in a little something extra besides talking about my cats.

And no, there wasn't a ladder all the way to the top. Dad had only one ladder that was ever only from the ground to the lower roof or lower roof to the upper roof. I'm pretty sure it was the tree in the neighbours yard. She's really not smart enough to climb a ladder.

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