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Okay, so, I've been a grumpy-puss lately. Really. Poor Cheruby has had to put up with a very moody girl and he's been doing amazing considering how difficult that can be.

I'm still going through the stages of grief over losing my job, but screw that for the time being. There is exciting stuff happening.

First - I'm so incredibly happy for and proud of my sweetheart. Check this out!!!

Cheruby entered his horror screenplay "Intelligent Design" and his comedy "The Other Christmas Carol" are BOTH in the quarter finals for the 2008 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. There are quite a few categories, but the total entries for the awards was 3,865 scripts! For Horror and Thriller, there was a total of 533 entries and for Comedy, there were 883 entries. And my Cheruby's screenplays are both in the top 25%!! Oh my goodness, I can barely contain myself. I don't think anyone in the Padollan Pub in Fort MacMurray is going to care too much though so I'm going to content myself with imagining Cheruby's joy at home and smiling wildly for the next hours until sleep. It'll probably continue to morning.

Then, let me say that although I paid over double what I should have for my Wii Fit, I love it intensely. I don't remember the last time I exercised seven days in row. It's awesome and although I gained weight this week, my pants fit better. I like it - A LOT! Video games are fun!!

And I had a major freak out last week about my new job. No worries, it was my own internal desire to be the best. I didn't feel able to do my job last week. I called my extremely busy and overwhelmed boss to chat and I didn't feel that it went like I wanted it to. So I spazzed all weekend and today, it was nothing. I shouldn't say nothing. My boss just understood and I'm going to stop worrying about it now. I want to do a great job and my boss knows that and knows that he will get the best from me. That's why he hired me. He knows that I will not just do the bare minimum - I will do it right and I will meet his deadlines regardless of what it takes from me. I will get the job done. He knows all this and these are all the reasons he hired me. I have not disappointed him in any way and it will be very difficult for me to do so. I forgot to believe in myself and that was awfully silly because I can and will do a fabulous job - as always. Very silly Suz. (Sorry if I made anyone worry. Especially sorry to Cheruby for worrying him worst of all.)

One month until GenCon Indy! WOOT!! My first one and I'm going to have a fabulous costume. And I have two trained gentlemen to help me with the corset. Heh. Adn Cheruby and I have all our events booked. And there are so many people I know and life coming! Weeee!!!! It's already a great summer (yay air conditioning!) and just getting better.

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