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Today, I confronted feelings of fear, sadness, and inadequacy about my knowledge of what I need to know to have a birth that I celebrate rather than survive. How did the confrontation go? I cried myself to sleep and waited for the hormonal imbalance to pass - for the WIN! It was a pretty decent afternoon nap.

I should also say that I asked friends for help and guidance, emailed knowledgeable experts for more information and had my husband relay to me his abstract expectation for labour and delivery. He thinks that he's going to be bored. ::grin:: I didn't bother to contradict him because how would I rightly know? I haven't done this before either.

I've also been sewing a costume and making plans to make some receiving blankets and roman blinds for the windows to help keep the cold out in the winter.

Business is going well, but I welcome any chance to talk about it that I can. I hate being pushy so it might take me a while to bring it up.

The furry kids are doing well.

We are 85% unpacked and 20% disorganized. Still can't find one of the leg bolts for one of our tables.

Cheruby and I finished quite a few of our co-op video games, watched the complete LOST series, and I finally have him watching Doctor Who. After that, we move onto Buffy the Vampire Slayer. YAY! Any suggestions for new series we should watch?

We took a family vacation on a houseboat for 7 days with my parents, brother and his kids. I hadn't slept for a couple nights before we left so the trip had a tremulous start, other than the constant rocking motion. We felt that rocking motion for a couple days after we got home and were laying down to sleep - quite surreal. I even have pictures and will show them to you!

My dad lighting a lantern that floated up and into the sky over the lake.

Lovely little critter den in the forest.

Someone else's idea of creepy. Oh! And I collected some critter vertebrae for some nefarious purpose in the future.

Cheruby thought this area of the forest felt "wrong".

Cheruby, unfortunately, lost his wedding band in Tobin Lake. He was swimming and the waves were kind of big cuz there was lots of wind. Apparently, the coolness of the lake shrunk his finger enough for the ring to just slip right off. He felt it fall. With the not great weather, which lasted pretty much all night, the lake bottom had to have claimed its prize. That didn't stop him from trying to find for many hours. It had never even threatened to fall off before so it was completely unexpected. A reward has been offered on Nipawin's Kijiji site. Anyone got a good metal detector?

The kids were taught many new games like poker, black jack, liar's dice, and Small World. You might have noticed some heavy Red Dead Redemption influence there. Cheruby was doing most of the teaching. We all lazed about and did crafts or word puzzles or sudoku. Cheruby fell asleep in the sunshine on the top deck, had his face stuck to the vinyl and kind of burnt it a little from that. It's peeling now. Heh. And speaking of peeling, my mom accidentally flashed Cheruby with the new boob that used to be back flesh. Mom and I can't giggle enough over this while Cheruby just doesn't really know what to think because he had no idea what he saw. Next year, we're getting a newer boat with a hot tub and a slide into the lake - WOOT!

Cheruby's mom came to visit us for a bit and that was awesome. She was headed out to Vancouver then and will be back in September. She's so delightful and loved. I was struck by the oddity that was one of her going away parties at Amigo's - Cheruby's ex and her parents were there. Not even weird anymore, just one of those things that reinforces how special Cheruby's mom is to lots of people.

I had a fabulous trip to Calgary where I stayed with a dear friend. I felt that it was a really good visit. The first relaxed good visit we'd had in a very long time. It was overdue. So many wonderful people that I miss in Calgary and didn't have time to see due to the sleep day I took. Driving and peopling can be quite tiring.

There was an in and out trip to Edmonton for my auntie Cool's birthday. She's very wonderful and Cheruby had yet to meet the majority of my mom's family (being the youngest of 12 kids, that's a pretty easy feat). So with a compromise on my part, he was wrangled into coming. I enjoyed seeing everyone although I was feeling wretchedly ill so I wasn't a great conversationalist and wish I could have visited more. We also got to witness a great display of talent on the part of neuba's little one and his aim at his daddy. LOL That was at the end of May and feels like yesterday.

I keep thinking that I have more time before the baby gets here, but it's flying by in leaps and bounds. With the house being mostly unpacked, I'll be taking more pictures for dear TUO who really shouldn't visit in the winter - summer months and good days only so that we can sit on the lovely covered patio with beer. Next year, I can have beer. I miss it some days. Please everyone, have a drink for me when you are especially enjoying what you are drinking!

And that really can't be all, and probably isn't. I hope to see more of you sooner rather than later. I really do enjoy having a quiet life in the sticks.

Oh and one more thing - Cheruby is being published!!! One of his short stories was accepted with some glowing praise for his style. The magazine is called Dark Recesses and is mostly online, but you can get printed copies from Amazon.

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Amy said...

Congratulations to Cheruby on being published! That's great news!

I am very sorry we didn't have a chance to get out to see you a few weekends ago. It seemed that every minute was spoken for and we didn't hardly get a chance to leave City Park, much less the city.

You know, you should have moved to Yorkton instead. That would have been much more efficient. :)

neuba said...

I actually didn't think too much about the labour and delivery part of being pregnant and birthing our child.

To be completely honest, I didn't want to get too worked up, too worried, nervous, anxious, apprehensive and, of course, over planned. It wasn't until very near the end that I actually really started to think about the whole thing. Mr. J and I were fairly flexible about what we'd like to happen and how we'd like things to go - good thing, because nothing went as we thought. Which was ok, because we didn't overthink it, or overplan it.

The actual event won't even compare to anything you've thought of in your head.

Don't get me wrong, it's great to be prepared and informed, but being relaxed and open to the amazing event that it is, is much more realistic.

It really is hard to imagine something you've never experienced before, no matter how many mothers you talk to. It will be what it is, and it will be great!

Suz said...

Amy: I don't think we'd like Yorkton. But we'll keep it in mind for next time. :)

And no worries about not getting a chance to visit. I know how hectic it can be without enough time to see everyone you want to see. I just spent a very leisurely 6 days in Calgary and was having lunches and suppers and brunches and still not enough time. Mind you, I opted for a sleep day to accommodate the fetus.

Besides, I was on a houseboat when you were here. It was awesome except for the ring. Although it was very Smeagol-ish the way we were diving to the lake bottom and opening our eyes to try to see something shiny.

neuba: My big thing is actually being able to know what I'm deciding when they give me decisions to make which, theoretically, could be prepared for in advance and be not quite as scary. I don't need to know what's going to happen, just what could happen so that I am not caught like a deer in the headlights while in a compromised state of being. I want to know what everyone else is doing around me because I'm pretty clear on my role. LOL And the small pieces I'm missing are just the glue that hold all the information already in my head together.

I really appreciate your letting me know how you and Mr. J approached it though. Three days ago, I was pretty blase too. I must have twigged on some piece of information that made me panic just a little.

And oddly, I haven't felt like eating anything in about 3 days either. Coincidence? LOL Can we say, "Low blood sugar?" Too funny.

neuba said...

neuba: Knowledge is a wonderful thing. And that is the exact situation we were in - I read and read and read, so we'd know what all the possible outcomes were. The prenatal classes really helped too.

You definitely have a role - to get the baby out, and likely make some decisions. So, being informed to make good decisions is a positive thing. But in the end, everything is really dictated by the little baby - you'll see. :)

If you ever need to talk things through, or ask questions - I'm here.

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