I have the blahs.

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neuba said...

I hate the blahs....

rach said...

I hate the blahs too... Fortunately for me (but not so helpful for you...) my boss is on holidays this week (90% of the people at work "dislike" him) so every day has felt like Friday... Pretty crazy at work... Maybe it'll rub off on you so far away...

Jenn & Owen said...

You know what? I have the blahs too! Maybe there is a blah virus going around. I just want to sit in my living room with no pants on, watch videos, eat junk food and let dishes pile up. Dangit.

Suz said...

That's pretty much the feeling. Of course, I've had to push it aside to get some work done. Something about my job requires it - or something like it... [grin]

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