Mom and Dad Come to Saskatoon for Thanksgiving

So, here's how the weekend is playing out.

Thursday night was awesome. Friends came over to play Earthdawn and we all got sleepy around 10 which seems to be normal for us. What that really meant though is that I got 8 or more hours of sleep for 5 nights in a row. Wow! What a difference in my disposition, ambition to accomplish things, and all that jazz. Fantastic.

So Friday night, mom and I went to get fabric for my nieces housecoat. Then we all sat around the living room for a while and snacked on things while watching TV. And to bed early.

Saturday included errands all morning with mom and I *finally* got the bloodwork done that I've been meaning to get done for four or five weeks now. And guess what, they don't do one of tests on weekends. [sigh] Of course, it wasn't a really important test so I think I'll skip it this quarter.

EB Games, Toys R Us, Michael's (orange and black sprinkles), farmer's market, Sobeys, Kernels and Husky (for coffee). I was pooped after that and had a nap. Mmmmm... naps. Supper was fantastic too - we had deer tenderloin. Mouth-watering good. Sooo tender and yummy.

Then I was asleep by 11 p.m. We watched The Jewel of the Nile last night, and I wasn't sure I'd make it through, but I did!

Today, I'm excited that my friends are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner with my folks. I tried to invite the ones that probably weren't going to have some family to share Thanksgiving with.

We're making mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, cauliflower and cheese sauce, lime cottage cheese jello salad, apple cabbage salad, corn, stuffing, and my friend is bringing buns and mom said to ask if she has any pluma mousse left because she started to drool when I mentioned it. I still have to do that. And pumpkin pie and whipped cream. Mmmmm... I need something for my drool now.

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rach said...

My tummy grumbles just reading that menu!!! We (just me, Phil and critters) has a marginally tasty chicken casserole (it had stuffing on it...!) And tomorrow, who knows... Alan wants turkey, but when he realized it meant turkey for two weeks after, meaning forfeiting his "hot lunch day" at school next Friday, he changed his mind.
Very cool to invite people with no families nearby... You're always so thoughtful and sweet!

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