The Fort Garry

So I was really looking forward to staying at the majestic-looking Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg. I just wrote a really long post about the whole experience. And then it got lost, for some reason, didn't want to publish and went the York Hotel website. Bizarre and I'm totally unruffled.

There was lots of bad stuff at the Fort Garry. I hated almost every bit of it. The bed was fabulous, the walk-in closet had a motion-sensor light, and the towel were huge. And that's honestly the only good things I can say. All of them. The rest was very bad and I left right after I showered. I made reservations at the York (previously called the Sheraton) and was outta the Fort Garry for good. I checked into the York after work and oh happy day!! It's not perfect, but it's more what I'm looking for - a dresser, in-room wired high-speed internet, a digital alarm clock, no ice machine across the hall, no spotlight on the window, a TV that isn't older than me, and cards on the beds that means that they won't change the linens unless I want them too. Not too much to ask, really.

The rest of the day was great. I got to see some staff, solve some problems, and was in control of my happiness.

Oh yeah, and I played City of Villains for the first time in FOREVER! The new costuming bits were so much fun. And I really, really enjoyed just playing. Even though the training server was at medium load, there wasn't too much lag which was awesome too. I made a Dominator. Lots of joyous defeating of longbows and snakes.

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rach said...

I went to Fort Garry once... I went on a boat... I was maybe 6?... I don't know if I had a good experience or a bad one. Nana was with us... I don't know... Glad you switched hotels though, if you weren't happy... Remember staying at Shell Lake? Too bad we couldn't have switched hotels then!

Jenn & Owen said...

Yeah, that's the problem with railway hotels. They were luxurious in the 1800s, but these days, they are a bit on the no-amenities side. They're great if you aren't a business traveller, though. You'll notice that the Rolling Stones always stay at the York and the Chateau MacDonald and whatnot. I liked the place when I stayed, but I was just trying to relax, and didn't need a high-speed hookup.

Suz said...

Yeah, I get that it's a nostalgia thing. If it hadn't been for the internet hook-up, I simply would have complained about the room and gotten a new one.

If all I wanted was a good night's sleep, I'd consider staying there again, but the room would have to have a dresser. Everything else was fixable.

The bed was really that great.

R:tAG said...

Huh. Wish you had a better time!

P.S. Miss you too!

cenobyte said...

...uh...the Rolling Stones probably stay at the expensive hotels now not just because they can afford it, but because their geriatric bodies can't handle the older mattresses and pull-cord lamps.

Hell. If I had the kind of money the Rolling Stones have, I'd hire people to stay in hotels *for* me, and just fly myself home every night.

I'm willing to be the Fort Garry can't hold a candle to some of the hotels my father has inflicted on the family with the 'splanation that "all we need is a place to shit and sleep". My argument is that we shouldn't have to do one in the same place as the other, but it always fell on deaf ears.

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