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Still feeling kind of whiney, but now it's just stuff like, "I fell down the stairs and now my back is kind of sore and tense." Nothing anyone could really blame me for.

I took my kitten home to my parents. I realized that I'm going to be away for quite a bit of time in the coming months and it wouldn't be fair to my baby to leave him home alone for weeks at a time with a visit once a day from a person feeding him. So I had a chance to take him home and I took it. He's not very happy and kind of stressed. He followed me around, up and down the basement stairs several times in a row even, most of the time in my parents' house. The dog makes him tense and meowly. Of course, the dog gets tense and doesn't want to come into the house when the cat is there. Mom said he'd probably even freeze himself to death if she didn't go pick him up. Not that bright.

Getting my cat into the car was a bit of an adventure. Having done this a few times, one of things I've learned to do is put a leash on him before trying to transport him to the car. In a fresh snowfall, it was even easier to find him. The leash just makes it so I don't have to get within an arm's length of him to catch him. So with a few items (purse and munchies for the car ride) along with the cat and trying to lock the back door, the cat got free, but I still had his leash in hand, no problem. Then he got spooked and ran underneath my foot on the second step down. I almost swished his head as I screamed and let go of his leash allowing him to bolt to the front yard. Meh, he'd be easy to find so I finished taking the rest of my things to the car before hunting for him.

I followed his trail to the front and to the sidewalk and into the neighbours yard and up their front steps and there he was, striking his best "it's cold, but I could pounce into action at any moment" pose. It was so good that I didn't recognize it. I hadn't even reached the front steps before he hissed, puffed up, and launched himself at the space between me and the house. He was so intent on staying away from me that he misjudged the distance to the house and smacked into the side of it. Of course, his depth perception might still have been impaired by almost having his head squished under my foot. Or maybe he's just cross-eyed. [grin]

I didn't run to catch him as he jumped the fence and ran to my back door, I just followed the trail. He was still very puffy, even had the ridge of fur on his back, when I found him under the back step. He didn't run again, but he wasn't happy about being taken to the car. He wouldn't even eat a treat out of my hand, I had to put it on the floor. That's one very unhappy babycat. And I still feel very bad about almost stepping on his head. He got over it about 10 minutes out of Saskatoon and came to my lap. He spent 90% of the trip in my lap sleeping. I love it. And he gets sooo excited when get to my folks, actually starts dancing around the car looking out all the windows. It's so cute.

I also looked at my desk that my dad is building for me. It looks awesome so far. He's spending so many hours on it and it's going to be so beautiful when it's done. Oh, I have to measure the window width and how much it sticks out from the wall for him. Did I mention it's going to be very, very awesome? YAY! I'm so excited.

I got to see a friend of mine, but I didn't get to see grandma. I basically shutdown when I go home and let my mom pamper me. That's a bad habit that I learned from my dad. Say "we" should get something or "I" should do something, but then waiting for mom (or anyone else who falls for my wily ways) to do it for me or us. Recognizing bad habits is the first step to overcoming them.

Being able to talk to my parents about just about anything is one of my most treasured gifts I have been blessed with in this life.

I should probably get some sleep now. A very busy week is coming my way.

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rach said...

Have a super week, without having to worry about your "kitten"! I bet it's a feeling not unlike how I feel when I get to leave my babies at nana's... only so I can work harder in their absence...

cenobyte said...

why don't you just buckle down and get a cat kennel/carrier? Half the fun of going on any vacation is stuffing the cat into a tissue-box-size 'container'. The other half of the fun is trying to get the damned thing out. After trips to the Vet, the farm, and other, more interesting places, Leviathan finally perfected the art of sticking his toes on the raised lip of the carrier door - I could hold the thing upside down and shake it, and he wouldn't come out.

I tell ya. In the dictionary under 'spite', there ought to be a picture of that cat.

Suz said...

I've been thinking about getting one. I like those gym bag type ones.

rach said...

Yeah, then you could use your cat as the ultimate accessory! Carry him around everywhere you go, match his collar to your necklace... That'd be soooo cool!

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