Sunday Night Pick Up

Me and My New Kitten

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Christopher said...

Oh my, that IS a cute cat.

carla said...

She is actually cuter than I remembered her being. Any name possibilities yet?

Suz said...

Actually, I think I've decided on Echo. I've told quite a few people that that's her name and I'm comfortable with it. She's been real cute so far.

Auntie Cool said...

I knew a little girl whose name was Echo Dawn so I'm pleased with your choice.
Question: How can you bear to go to work and leave that precious baby at home? Do you want me to look after her for a year or two?

Suz said...

It's hard for me to go to work in the morning. Especially when she doesn't want me to go. She was hanging onto my scarf every time I turned around this morning. I think I'm going to work at home tomorrow.

cenobyte said...


Stripey ones are BAD.


Put. Down. The. Stripey. Cat.


You will never listen, will you?

Well, don't sent it here in a box with no airholes when it chews the crotch out of all your underpants.

Jenn & Owen said...

Stripey ones are _not_ evil, although they will destroy your underwear. Trust me on this one.

cenobyte said...

Clearly, you have not met my stripey one, whom we have dubbed "DestructOR". Bane of knitting, undoer of...things heretofore done up..., and scratcher of The Good Furniture.

Representative of his entire Clan, I say.

Just go buy some crotchless underpants now and save yourself the grief.

Jenn & Owen said...

Well, crotchless underpants are never a bad Idea, so go ahead.

cenobyte said...

One has to wonder why underpants developed crotches in the first place, doesn't one.

Suz said...

Do brown spots on stripey ones mitigate the evil at all? If so, I think I'm safe. If it has the opposite effect, I think I should start singing the doom song now.

neuba said...

There must be something wrong with me.

Perhaps, starting a comment with "do brown spots..." right after comments talking about crotchless underwear wasn't a good idea.

Or maybe I am just sick.

Suz said...

You are too funny! And you accused me of being the one in the gutter last night!!

cenobyte said...

Brown spots on crotchless underpants is probably a bad sign.

Brown spots on stripey cats doesn't do anything but give the *appearance* of non-Evil. But rest assured, your days of keeping anything hand-knit from the little bastard's intestinal tract are numbered. That, and don't even *think*: "s/he couldn't possibly get into THIS because I'm going to put it away in the cupboard". And never, ever let your guard down.

They are good hunters, though, if you have any bits of stray paper that need assassination.

Amy said...

Question: Why can't a deaf man tickle nine cats?
Answer: Because he can only gesticulate.


Suz said...



Thanks, Amy.

Jenn & Owen said...

for further information on the effects of yarn and similar substances on the digestive systems of stripy cats, check out, and look for the entry "cat vomit". Further, my cat is entirely stripy with no spots, although she is brown and incapable of passing up such delacicies as shoelaces and thongs.

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