I really, really dislike seafood (excluding fish). The reason for that is not because of the taste as I love the taste. It has to do with the squish-pop factor involved in cooked seafood. In my experience with salting eggs and turning them to rubber, I believe that the salt water also creates the squish-pop factor in cooked seafood.

squish-pop - the inability of one's teeth to immediately tear the flesh of cooked seafood. Pressure must be applied before the cooked flesh gives way and breaks apart. The first bite is usually the worst for the squish-pop effect, but all subsequent chews also have lesser squish-pop effects as they rend more cooked flesh.

Because I have been accused of being safe when ordering and eating food, I make myself try things now and again that I used to dislike just in case I like it this time because so many other people enjoy it. Lasagna used to be in the dislike category. Obviously, I was very very wrong in that opinion. This trend lead me to attempt calamari again this evening.

And wow! It was truly awesome. I have had almost good seafood once before at Genesis in Saskatoon and it was scallops. MMmmmm.... scallops. Of course, they too had a slight squish-pop factor so I only ate two before getting all squidgey-like. I've also had mussels that were almost great as well. That was in Halifax this summer at the Five Fisherman. Tonight, I had truly wonderful calamari. It took me three tries to actually put the first piece in my mouth, but DANG! So amazingly yummy and non-squishy-poppy. YAY! It was at a Mexican restaurant in the Comfort Inn downtown Edmonton called El Toro.

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Jenn & Owen said...

YOu know, it's good to hear lasagna doesn't fall into this category, because that's what you're getting for supper tonight. And you'll have to tell us how el-toro is, because I totally want to go there when we have more money (or possibly just a job).

rach said...

I also try some new stuff, but I still haven't found any seafood I like.

cenobyte said...


Spiders of the sea.

I've had some I liked (at a local Korean place what has a BBQ pit in the centre of the table), but aside from the squish-pop factor (which has never really bothered me), the fact that I was eating spiders of the sea *did* cause me Some Consternation.

Bne said...

Ok, Ceno...try to help...

As another of the people there that night I can say El Toro was excellent food, and that the sadly Suz should not take the Calamari as the standard, it was near perfect Calamari and so you may be disappointed in the future.

I find it funny that I'm talking to you on your blog when you're staying in my apartment this week...

Amy said...

For me, it's not the squish-pop (cherry tomatoes, anyone?) or the "Spiders of the Sea" (though a close look at the underside of a lobster is not for the arthropod-averse), it's the "Filters of the Seabed" thing. Mmmmmm, cadmium!

cenobyte said...

yeah, okay, good point, Amy. Spider filters. Yik.

I mean, kudos for Trying New Things, and might I suggest quinoa if you've not had it or jicama tossed in lime juice or homemade hummus?

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