I've been working on some super secret ProJEctTMs that have been taking all my time. Except the time I've been spending on the phone with friends. And hanging out with friends. And saying good-bye to friends. Oh, and sleeping (awake for 7 hours on Saturday).

Of course, the farewell dinner was amazing - pollen, bees, and flowers for supper. Everyone should be envious of those who got to partake. It was a fabulous evening and I didn't particularly want it to end. Too bad the boys beat us repeatedly in Buzzword. And apparently, "pencil" while containing the word "pen" isn't part of any of the solutions even though "Penn", short for Pennsylvania in some cases, is included in several solutions. I didn't deserve razzing about that one. It was a logical leap for me. I'm not good at that game - except when it comes to tea.

This week, we start playing In Nomine regularly on Tuesday instead of D&D. [sniff] Not that In Nomine won't be fun, but I really love D&D.

Did you know that while 2 kittenses are just cute and playful, 3 kittenses can seemingly swarm like vermin - especially at supper time?

There were a few magical minutes this morning. Whilst looking out my office window, snow was falling through a sunbeam and sparkled like diamonds floating to the earth. It was very cool.

Another friend of mine moved away from Home and I hadn't heard anything from her. I'm very proud of her. She is a very strong person and can do more than she thinks she can. That would be why I didn't see her car at the place in the spot where she used to work on the long weekend. I guess that just goes to show that I should keep in touch more often. Blogs are kind of one-way.

And I'm losing two staff at work to other departments and have to hire in Ontario. I'm going to try to get out there for the new staff first days. It's a good business reason and I can go visit all my staff there. It'll be exciting.

Anyone available to move a big filing cabinet up a flight of stairs tonight? [grin]

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