Stupid Meetings

Did you know that I hate having to do performance management with my staff. It's not that I don't like having the conversations, but I can't seem to get passed the hours of preparation and then the hours of meetings (at least 34 hours in total) in order to get right down to it. I need a plan. A good plan - a list of items to go through with each staff member including some pointed questions about how the team is doing and how our processes are doing. It's getting a little ridiculous though. Why can't I just sit down and do it!!

So, because of that, I slept too much this week and was mostly crabby and ggrrrr... I don't like being like that. Of course, the weekend is here now and I don't have to think about it very much. I do have to work this weekend, however. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow though.

Not all meetings are stupid. I really liked the ones we had on Friday with the HR team where we were in focus groups about what we could be doing better. It was really hard for me to think of those things because the company is amazing and treats us very well and I really love my job. To try to think like someone who isn't happy with the current state of things is very hard and I don't want to do it. My lead to actual thoughts of unhappiness and I don't need to go there.

I made a CD this weekend for a friend of mine. I was fairly pleased with it, but it was a little rushed. Altogether the best part was the last song - Kermit the Frog singing The Rainbow Connection. What could be better than that? I hope she likes it.

My brother's fiance is starting to get antsy about the wedding plans. I'm just getting really excited. I don't want to get too excited and promise that I'll do something that I don't have time for, but it's really hard not to! I'm really, really excited. It's going to be a very long wait until May.

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