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This time, I have a good excuse for not blogging. I've been too busy with work and recuperating from work to do any blogging. Really. Okay, that's a bit of a lie as I've been trying to keep up with others' blogs just not my own.

Last weekend in Edmonton, I got to see Neuba and Kaz. It was so exciting to see their new house. Oh my, the parties that could happen there!! It's absolutely wonderful.

It was very nice to see Siochain's mom. She really is a wonderful woman. And Siochain is going through lots of stuff right now and is being very brave and tough. She's so much stronger now than I've ever seen her before.

I really liked not having a car because I was then at the mercy of those that were willing to chaffeur me around the city. I didn't have too much opportunity to just do what I wanted and I was really okay with that. I really needed an evening to veg so I didn't go to the KC game, but hung out with the M ladies instead. We were all in a similar mood in that we were enjoying each other's company without needing to entertain each other. It was perfect and exactly what I needed. I was sleeping so soundly that I didn't realize that Bne had made it home at all.

I did get to visit a couple of friends in Edmonton who had a lot of other people over. They're all so wonderful and I hope they realize that it isn't a reflection on them that I don't come up to game as often as some others from Saskatoon do. I really thought I could manage the intensity I wanted for the game there, but I couldn't. It's too tiring and I would rather just be me now that I have so many people to visit when I go to Edmonton. My trip to Edmonton in April is going to be whirlwindy, I'm sure. More days there means more people to visit, but it means I'll definitely have time to visit with my Auntie Cool.

While I was in Edmonton, we spent some time at a mall. Not usually my favourite thing, but I realized there were some things that I wanted to get and so we found a spot that would suit everyone's needs. I got a new bathing suit that doesn't threaten to let the girls free while doing aquafitness. I was very proud of that purchase as the regular price on the tag was $78 and I paid $25 including taxes. I've made a monetary commitment to going to the YWCA here for classes for the next three months. So far, so good. I went twice last week as my schedule permitted (too much overtime so I missed the Monday after work class). Next week should be better, but even if I go only twice a week for three months, I've still saved quite a bit of money. I'd prefer to go three times though because then Cheruby won't bug me about using the elliptical downstairs which is far more boring.

I also printed some copies of a great picture of Bne and Siochain. I had another thing on my list but I don't remember what it was, but it wasn't important because it didn't get done.

The work week was tough because I worked a lot of overtime which sucked big time. My own fault because I didn't get this particular project done earlier. It was really supposed to be done at the end of January which I thought was ridiculous. Now, I'm paying for it.

We tried to play In Nomine on Tuesday evening, but that didn't work very well. It was requested that I finish this particular ProJEctTM that Cheruby and I were working on for quite a while. The finishing touches took about 2 hours which was much longer than it was anticipated only because I had to redo a bunch of the liner notes. Totally worth it though. Then there was too much drinking to roleplay well so we just called it a bust. We'll eventually play, I'm sure. Anyone want to join us on Tuesday evenings?

A colleague was finally informed this week that she wasn't really right for her position, but that she's very valuable so what would she like to do. Well she's now doing the job one step above those she was managing before. While it'll be hard for her, I think she'll do better things in her new position. The worrisome part is that I'm not sure what they are going to do with her position. Of course, until we figure that out, another team manager and I are going to cover her hours at the end of the day which with the DST change this weekend, means only an extra 1.5 hours for me in the day which is better than the 2.5 extra I did on Thursday and Friday. [sigh]

Lots of exercise and crying for stress release, and lots of support and forgiveness from Cheruby has made me a happier girl.

Cheruby and I are off to Calgary at the end of next week for a very quick trip. Thursday night will hopefully be spent with the Furlak and the Very Tall One with Friday night being with my family. I'm very excited about the trip and not having to be at work for a few days. It's my niece's birthday on Wednesday and I get to take her the fabulous prezzie I got for her two months ago.

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