Mean Clients

Why is it that some people think that being mean is the only way they can get things done? We've gone above and beyond for a client who is continuing to rant and complain about how awful we've been. At the end of the day, we did the work for her employees so that their lives were disrupted as little as possible. All the same, she's being impossible. I've been with her until 8 o'clock several evenings this week and the one day I wasn't, she phoned and complained to someone else. I believe in the past week, my company has had over 100 hours working time on the issues that she created. Arrggghhh!

Went to see Pan's Labrynth last night. It was good. So, my feeling at the end of the movie wasn't sadness as I was told it would be, but more happiness that Ofelia was finally where she belonged. I felt bad for Mercedes because she was going to have to carry guilt around with her because she felt that she didn't save Ofelia. The main characters got what they deserved. Ofelia's mom got freedom, Vidal definitely got what he deserved, the baby won't in the hands of a monster, Mercedes and the resistance triumphed over the military stronghold, and Ofelia got to go home. And I get to believe in fairy tales. Unfortunately, the brutality of the rest of the movie was too much for me and I had to shut down a little so I didn't get the full spectrum of emotions I enjoy. I will have to make due with my memory of the good parts so I don't have to watch it again. I think the bad parts would wreck me if I saw them again. Not that I watched them the first time, but the sound of him stitching his own face just about made me leave the theatre.

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I'm off to Edmonton on a jet plane tonight. I will see Bne, Kaz, Neuba, Siochain and her mom, Jenn & Owen, and hopefully Binary Kitten and quirkykitten. There are so many others that I will miss, but hopefully, the next visit will be a longer one where I can see more of everyone.

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John said...

Your taking the movie the way I took it although there is a lot of talk about how everything in the faerie world was imagined by Ofelia and didn't actually exist. Then it becomes a bit more depressing.

I do think its a very dark movie but overall not truly depressing but like I said I prefer to think that she really experienced what she saw.

Drang said...

Sometimes, I think that you just have to fire a client.

Suz said...

Clients do deserve to be fired sometimes. We fired one last year after he threatened a VP. I wish I could talk about that more but confidentiality and all that.

This client doesn't need to be fired yet. I think there's still potential for her to be saved. Someone with the right title has her boss' name and phone number.

And John, given proper encouragement, I believe in a lot of things I can't see. I've worked very hard at not losing that because I believe it is to be cherished.

Cori said...

But... I will get to see you in a few weeks, assuming you're able to host us, and there seems to be a large crowd dragged along with us.

Cori said...

Hmmm, my first comment gang aglee.

I wasn't informed of your imminent arrival or itinerary until too late to see you, apparently, so you will have to scold Bne. But we'll be down soon.

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