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Okay. I hate war movies. They almost always leave me feeling upset and sad and cranky. I actually scared Ferlak with my reaction to Life is Beautiful. I am plagued with the unanswerable, "Why?" which ruins my typically sunny demeanor. I have enough emotional reactions to real life so why would I willingly put myself into a situation where I was watching men being slaughtered for two hours? It's still a frakin' war movie no matter how many sexy bodies are being shown. There were some great scenes, but all the blood and violence are not my cup of tea. And not only did I go see this movie, the previous movie I went to was Pan's Labrynth. Can someone please remind me the next time they see a fantastic movie that I won't like it if it's ultraviolent and about war. Pretty please.

The bits of the movie 300 that were great were the queen and the traitor in front of the council, "... may you live forever," and the two soldiers flirting while cleaning up the bodies on the battlefield. Heh. Rilla had a good giggle at me when I waved to one of the soldiers who was about to be decapitated. Did I mention ultraviolent?

Oh and in other trivia about the movie, one of my favourite TV shows Hex has its villain appear in this movie as Stelios and I noticed despite the long blonde hair vs. short black hair! I was impressed with myself.

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