Sleeping Cats

I had high hopes for getting stuff done today. It's 3:45 and I have a clean tub, but not a clean bathroom. I have made a few Scrabble moves on Facebook. I've watched the end of The Hunt for Red October which I've come to really love after first thinking I would hate it. I started catching up on some blog reading. And now I have a sleeping cat on my chest as I blog.

I missed farmers' market, but I still have time to finish cleaning the bathroom. Tonight, I have some process writing planned for work. What could be more fun? I'll probably stick in some Lord of the Rings to keep me company.

The one thing that I love about the heat is the sleeping cats. They are so hot they don't want to move just as we humans get, but they can actually sleep. And they look dead on the carpet, other than the breathing.

So, here's an effort to get something else done today, I'm going to go get some magazine racks for Cheruby's music. I'm hoping to colour him impressed when he gets home.

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