So, after my last update on my house, things have gotten a little crazier.

I finally got my estimate from the roofing people for eavestroughing on July 3. I phoned initially on April 27. That's how backed up everything is. I likely won't get eavestroughing until September or October though. It's really, really awful. I guess that's not the true awful part - that would be the registered letter I got from the City yesterday just after I got the quote for the work. It says I have to have eavestroughing on the house by July 27 or I'm going to get fined $10,000. I do get to appeal, but if that doesn't go through, I'm kind of screwed. I'm so worried about my appeal getting lost in the mail. You know, one of those things where nothing goes according to the way it normally works. I think I might send it Express Post or registered just so that I can track it.

On the other hand, I was just looking over some notes to ensure I'd done all the to do items and I saw that I had written down something cool that happened on our camping trip a few weeks ago. Cheruby and I were sitting at the picnic table and our first thought at a new sound was, "That's one HUGE mosquito!" Then we both instantly were looking around to catch a glimpse of what had to be a hummingbird, not a mosquito. It hovered just a few feet from us and let us have a good look. It was a wonderful, brief moment on our trip worth remembering.

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cenobyte said...

What the hell does the City have to say about your eavestroughs? It's not like they're on city property, are they? Since when can the City tell you when to have your eaves done by? Are they causing rain to slip into your neighbours' yards? I don't get it. I'd not only appeal, but also include a little note that went something like: "Piss off, Commandant. I'll fix my eaves when the guys what are coming to fix them (in September) are damned good and ready."

...and then I'd probably have to pay double the fine, or somesuch thing, but the point is, what the hell right does the city have to tell you where to put your eaves?

Suz said...

It's a nuisance bylaw and I could've called sooner than April to get it started, but I didn't know how long it would take to get work done in this town so now I'm paying for it. It just sucks is all.

I'd like to tell my neighbour to shove it, as well, but I kind of need his permission to use part of his property to put it up as the houses are so close together.

rilla said...

If Romeo and Juliette have taught us anything it's that you can't trust the postal system in matters of import. Now I'm worried as well. You should deliver your appeal by hand.

Amy said...

I think, though, that if you have a contractor's "promise" (OK, I can't even type that without laughing) to come on a certain date, then that will mollify the city even if the date is after their deadline.

It's like things having to be *postmarked* by a certain date, not received by.

But yes, send the appeal by registered mail.

Suz said...

Yesterday, I had tried to get my contractor to fax me a letter regarding my situation which she tried to do - four times. Having those not work, I left work early to go there in person. It was nice to finally meet Alice, who is a rather gruff woman in demeanor and doesn't take any shit from anyone, but can be very helpful when she feels appreciated. You can guess which way I've played this situation.

Anyway, she let me proofread the letter before she printed out three copies for me - one for me, one for the city, and one for my neighbour. And then I went straight to city hall with my appeal and hand delivered it. Now, I've had nothing but horrible luck through this whole thing so I made them date stamp it and photocopy it for me. I'm trusting nothing to chance right now.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the nerve to talk with my neighbour. I'm a little afraid of what I might say. I'm probably just going to write him a letter.

rach said...

I know that for other things I've come across that "require" compliance within a specific period of time, all that our clients had to do was prove they have taken action on the problem, and that they will be compliant as soon as the solution (whether it is parts, specialty tools, training) becomes available. So I don't think you should have a problem. It's not like you can pull a contractor out of you butt to come fix your eavestrough. The city now is aware that you have taken all the measures you can control, and you are at the mercy of the contractor now.

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