Happy Birthday Canada!

In celebrations this weekend, we did some pretty cool stuff.

Friday after work, Cheruby and I stuck around for a while and slowly packed up to go to Lumsden for International White Trash Week. I thought I was being wimpy when I went to bed, but then I saw that it was 4 in the morning. Of course, at that time Jill was still pouring very strong spice-ed rum and cokes for a few of her guests.

We woke well after the crack of noon the next day to go gaming much later than Cheruby wanted. He went to Games Day with Jill while Ril, Kaz and I made up werewolf characters for the vampire LARP that night. We played a pack of Get of Fenris who were grumpy with the leech-ridden city. They were being contained by the Wendigo but were getting pretty uppity so we went in to show them how powerful we were and that they should stop rattling their cage. We all made it out alive too which was great. We took down five of them including the prince and sheriff. Not quite what we expected, but it worked out well for us. I did feel a little bad about killing off PCs, but Jill gave us cart-blanche for our actions. If they were stupid, we got to act accordingly. We really were looking for a fight, but we got one sooner than we thought.

To finish off our fabulous evening, we went back to the loft for more International White Trash Week celebrations. I was mixing the strong drinks this time. Gin and juice was very yummy. Ril thought so too. Heh.

Sleeping made it impossible to make it back in time for Low Life this afternoon with Drang and family, but we did get to have barbecued hot dogs for Canada Day which was yummy.

We're off to Cheruby's mom's for supper shortly and then tomorrow is more hanging out with Kaz and Ril maybe. And a friend of Cheruby's from Vancouver. Another busy, fun weekend.

Oh, and happy birthday to His Nibs. That was another fabulous reason to celebrate this weekend.

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