The Wonderful World of Cats

The cats have done some pretty cute things lately that I'd like to share.

The gray stripey one fell asleep on my back and rested his head on my shoulder right next to my ear so I could hear him purring as he fell asleep. Downright adorable!!

I had to open the front door and the window in the screen door to let some air through the house the other day. All three mischief makers sat at the front door the exact same distance from the door and each other. When I called Cheruby to come downstairs, they all just turned their heads to look at him without changing their pose. I could have died happy in that moment - they were so cute.

The little one has grown up and has a very cat like face in the place of her once very kitteny face. She's the most muscular of them all. We think it's because of the jumping exercise she got this winter from the laser pointer we got.

The fat one is getting old and I hope that we can let him go outside this summer a little bit. We might have to take him on vacation to my parents to do so, but who knows.

All three are getting along better. It's been over a year since the gray stripey one moved in. I finally figured out that he's the only one of our three that genuinely thinks he's human and not like the other cats. It explains a lot of his behaviour like not really knowing what a dog is and not recognizing territory and sleeping with his head on the pillow.

The little one is trying to catch a spider in the window sill now. Very, very cute.

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Anonymous said...

So where are the picture Suzi darling, so we can see how they have progressed and how cute they are. Took pictures the other day of Oscar helping me get some roses ready for the pitcher. Could have stopped the work and just taken more and more cute pictures.
Have a wonderful weekend.
love you

Suz said...

Auntie Cool: Unfortunately, the camera was not in my hand (or Cheruby's) at those magical moments so there is no photographic or video evidence. Maybe I'll get lucky one of these days.

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