So, Sears...

I expected that when I bought appliances and they were delivered to the correct house and all the paperwork had my new address last year that Sears had updated my address. And they sent me new warranty information two weeks ago to my correct address. Apparently, I was wrong. Just because the warranty people have my correct address, the whole company doesn't.

A statement to pay for my appliances on July 21 was returned to Sears. I talked to some woman last night. Poor, poor woman. I've been waiting for the Sears statement for a month and a half now. Expecting it. Knowing it was coming. Making financing plans to pay for all my appliances so that I didn't get dinged with all the interest.

Apparently, my lack of following up cursed me with over $140 in interest. I was sooo frustrated. And she couldn't even help me except to update my address. She gave me a number to call today because customer service had already gone home. I couldn't resolve it last night. I had to sleep on it. I was just trying to be reasonable all night. My plan was to hopefully spend some more time with my boyfriend, but that had to be aborted because I was feeling too cranky.

And what kind of company calls someone about a late payment and then puts them on hold, "Please hold for an important call from Sears..." Music follows. I hung up on Saturday. I hate doing my personal business over the phone. I usually miss/don't remember something important.

So I called this morning. First thing - I crawled out of bed and went to the phone at 6:30. And I apologized before even speaking about the issue. I apologized to the poor lady because I knew I was going to get upset even though I was trying desparately to remain calm. That helped me later because I knew I wasn't catching the lady off guard when I did start getting upset when recounting the details of what had happened. She responded by saying that first of all, she understood how I could be so frustrated with the situation. I told her my main concerns were the interest and the credit rating impact. She told me that they could fix the credit note and then put me on hold to speak to her supervisor. And they reversed the credit charges as I was paying the full amount - today. She gave me the total without interest to pay. I confirmed both actions of Sears and then confirmed I was going to pay today.

And then I thanked her profusely.

And now I've paid them. And I feel much better. And Sears will get my business again because of the way they handled this situation. I think I'll send them a letter.

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Amy said...

A letter is a really good idea. Positive comments are much, much rarer for companies to receive, and a letter is an especially effective way of getting noticed in this age of phone and e-mail communications. I'm really glad that you'll be writing a happy letter instead of an angry letter. :)

neuba said...

It is surprising how shocked people are when you thank them or praise them for good service.

I observed a interesting situation at the bus mall transit office. A customer was taking out his many frustrations on the lady behind the desk, literally calling her *stupid*.

I had the pleasure of watching the employee deal with the entire episode, as well as praising the city employee for her tact and diplomacy in handling the situation.

She actually surprised me by thanking me for the complement, and making her day.

I don't think we are nice enough to one another in this society. We definitely need more of it.

Good on you for writing the letter Suz! I know that it will be appreciated.

Suz said...

Done. I wrote the letter. I'm sure I'll cut parts out because it's very wordy and much too detailed, but it's all there.

It feels good to be able to recommend something and have a solid reason why.

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