First Kingdom Come Game

Last week was crazy! Trying to get things ready to make the quick trip to Edmonton this weekend. I got some sleep on Thursday night instead of killing myself to get everything done that needed to be done for Friday's trip. Friday, then, was crazy busy. Cookies, laundry, packing, work, keys to drop off, banking... You know, all the little things. Heh.

My roommate and I did the dishes before we left which made coming home yesterday very nice. He drove the whole way to Edmonton which was good and we were there by 10:30ish. I was very tired by the time my head hit the pillow. Socializing and all that nervousness that comes with staying in someone's house that you don't know that well.

I was up very early on Saturday to go visit my aunt before she headed out for the weekend. Some hugs and smiles and stories later, I headed back. More socializing and getting to know our hostess. She and her husband are really great people. Their whole family of friends is great, it seems. Of course, no one is perfect, but there is a fabulous feeling of trust and familiarity that I wanted to be a part of. It made me realize how out of practice I am at making new friends! I confirmed with my roommate that I was much more outgoing and trusting and talky before I moved to Calgary than when I came back. I really value all the friends I made in Calgary and still make time to see all of them as often as I can. I stopped making the effort for acquaintances and I shouldn't have.

I had wanted to spend the afternoon with my other friends in Edmonton, but didn't want to dictate everyone's day. So when I got struck by a monster headache that landed me in bed for the afternoon, I was glad to not have to break any plans. I really wanted to spend time with the newlyweds and my older friends who moved from Calgary to Edmonton a few years ago. I haven't spent nearly enough time with them. I think the next time we go to Edmonton, I'll try to be more prepared and make arrangements to see everyone and still have time to make some new friends.

The game we went to play, Kingdom Come, was a blast. I really, really enjoyed it. I have big plans and big dreams for what I can accomplish in the game. They are very long term plans, but I hope they make the game more interesting for me and for others. That's the point, after all, isn't it?

We left around midday yesterday after a good night's sleep. In fact, Saturday after the game, I pretty much just headed straight to bed. They used an electronic airpump, which if you know anything about them are very loud. I slept through it. Someone took a pillow from under my head. I didn't mean to be laying on all three, but I was. I was very tired, and I'm very happy that I sleep like the dead.

My roommate drove all the way home again. It was good to be home. We talked and then watched Sliding Doors. A fine movie. Makes me cry every time. It's still a gooder.

Today, I had the pleasure of the company of next weekend's bride. She doing better than I might be in her place. She's managing to remain reasonably calm. This is one woman who has always inspired me. She has such a good and forgiving heart. There are some people in this world who I am privileged to be able to call a friend and she's definitely one of them.

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