You Know It's a Bad Day When...

... to save a cookbook your grandma gave you from falling into hot oil, you accidentally rip off the front cover

... in the wake of almost ruining a favourite cookbook, a cupboard door comes off and can't be put back up without replacing a portion of the wood frame

... you realize much too late that you lost the hook from your lego pirate keychain in the parking lot of Safeway

... someone tells others some bad news, that was yours to tell, in an automated email

Things to get through a bad day...
... tears
... mom
... hugs
... kittens
... laughter
... friends
... bizarre happenstances

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neuba said...


Looks like earthdawn tomorrow is gonna be a no go due to my school assignment. Sorry.

rach said...

I hope talking to me helped a bit... I'm glad you were around, because I miss you... I hope tomorrow goes better!

Suz said...

That's alright. I need an evening to get my stuff together.

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