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Fresh warm plums just off the tree are really, really good. Sometimes, they're small enough to just pop right in your mouth and explode when you bite into them. Warm plum goodness fills your senses. It was a really great walk around the yard with my Auntie Cool. She's very awesome and made me have a nap after having plums.

Caffeine can keep one awake even on a lonely drive between Edmonton and Saskatoon after a day at the office and one episode of Six Feet Under with a friend. A friend who can supply much of said caffeine. Oh, and there was sugar.

Being there for an employee's first day makes a difference into how welcome that new team member feels. I was very happy to be able to be there for that.

Seeing a loved one after being away for a while is a joyous occasion. Five days is nothing compared to an entire summer, but it's still enough to make me very thankful to be home. Cuddling with kittenses who missed me is also very good for the soul. With that much love, it is pretty much impossible to stay stressed.

Being on a budget and a diet while travelling is really, really hard. Good thing I have understanding and supportive friends.

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rach said...

So... fresh warm plums straight off the tree that explode when you bite them aren't included in the squish-pop category, huh? Even though they do squish-pop?
Did ya get my email yet?

Amy said...

Rach, that's *exactly* what I was thinking!

Suz said...

Okay, you two, knock it off. Squish-pop of badly cooked seafood is completely different than than of the tearing into the flesh of a fruit. I guess its like chewing rubber for overdone seafood. Fresh fruit is not rubbery. I'm sure if I put a plum in the microwave for a while, it might get rubbery, but I'm not about to try that. And with seafood, you pretty much have to use your gnashing teeth because the cutting teeth don't apply enough pressure to actually split the seafood. As opposed to using your cutting teeth for the first bites of fruit, which I do. And maybe some of that is due to where we taste things on our tongues, but the fact remains, it's different.

And yes, the thought occurred to me that some nit-picky folks out there might draw a similarity between the luscious plum experience and bad seafood.

Most solid foods have some squish before the pop, however, the amount of squish is the deciding factor between absolutely revoluting and acceptable. I once was able to eat 3 scallops before the squish became too much for me to stomach.

Amy said...

I bet a plum in a microwave would EXPLODE!!!!!

(I know what I'm doing when I get home...)

rach said...

Man, I'm glad my kids can't read... They have enough "good" ideas on their own, without you guys giving them more...

Bne said...

Grape racing at Amy's place!!!

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