How is it that I know that I have a good reputation at work, I have a good relationship with my boss and I still am nervous about meeting him in person? I got all caffeinated at work today just so that I could be talkative at dinner tonight with him.

He's so short. One of my coworkers actually said that I was bigger than him. And yes, I am, and not just around. He's quite vertically challenged. How wrong would it be to mock him as I so dearly want to? Heh.

So here I sit - tired and too caffeinated to sleep.

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Amy said...

Well, I hear that if you make fun of your boss's height he will break your arm in a "friendly" arm wrestling match the night before you're supposed to pick your wife up at the airport and you'll spend the next few weeks in a cast with people making fun of you.

I hear.

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