Meetings, Garages, and Other Bad Things

This week hasn't been the most wonderful. Work went south very quickly. My staff are so amazing though. After being told of the situation, one of them even volunteered to take on some of the work. I cried. They're so great. I wouldn't love my job as much without them.

There was some annoying stuff with this loan that I got. Stupid folks had my wrong home phone number and so they kept calling me at work after I repeatedly told them not to. AND they couldn't call me by my middle name no matter how many times I told them that either. Well, the first person I talked to was great, but the others have been annoyingly oblivious of the meaning of good customer service. The guy didn't show up for our meeting and then showed up later to find the nasty note I left him on my door. We finally got the deal done, but I was pretty frustrated before it got that way. And to make this meeting that the guy didn't show up for, I had to leave an important board meeting for the charity I volunteer for because the number he'd given me to reach him had been out of order all day.

Then a meeting was cancelled, but no one bothered to phone me, just an email to my home account which I didn't have access to during the day. So I showed up because I have to go there straight from work to make it on time. No meeting.

Tonight, I went to MacNally Robinson to look around and get a present for a friend. Cheruby and I spent some time looking around before heading back to my house... to a broken garage door. Some jack@ss ran his/her car into my garage making it inoperable. My garage door is dented and broken. And the one wall is 3 to 4 inches displaced from its usual home. The police were nice enough to drop by and take a look and give me a file no. They're not going to investigate any further, but they were nice about it.

And then there's all the other stuff that didn't go right this week.

Good stuff:
- People ordered Tupperware from my party last week even though only one other person besides my mom came. And I get free stuff.
- Got that loan I wanted.
- Got to meet my boss.
- Another week with Cheruby making me smile.
- Ordered a beautiful blue shawl.
- Mom and dad are coming up next week and for Thanksgiving.
- Got to see lots of friends recently that I haven't seen in much too long.
- Went into work and actually got to socialize with my coworkers rather than just be connected to the phone in my little corner of the office.
- Made plans to visit more friends in a week and a half.
- Booked some vacation days to help me relax.

See? Lots more good than bad.

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cenobyte said... people to whom you are going to be owning more than the original amount of money you are borrowing made it nigh-on impossible for you to actually complete the deal? I would be interested in knowing what organisation this is, not so that I can put flaming bags of poop on their stoop, but so that I can avoid them like the plague.

I bet it was the loan officer who hit your garage.

The neighbours beside us have replaced their fence EIGHT TIMES in the past three years because there is a quad-plex behind their house with parking that backs on to the alley. And apparently the people who drive trucks and cars and flipping mopeds can't execute a proper backing-out turn without demolishing the neighbour's fence. I think I will, when I replace our alley fence, build it out of concrete and caltrops.

And razor wire. Nothing bad comes of razor wire.

Suz said...

Don't worry about the loan peoples. Honestly, they were pretty good to me. I likely could have gotten a better deal elsewhere, but they really took care of everything and I never once had to go anywhere to be at an appointment Everything was done by phone or fax except the final meeting to sign papers and the guy came to my house. He really was a nice guy and it was a calamity of errors beyond his control - mostly.

Razor wire, eh? My garage isn't secured right now. That might just do the trick...

Jenn & Owen said...

you know what would make me feel better if I were in your shoes? THe Mahones at Lydias in Saskatoon. I always feel better when I go to a Mahones show, especially if I'm dating a celtic fiddler.

Just a thought.

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