And Then It Was Winter

I know that the Californian friends must be dreadfully disappointed that they missed the snow by two days. We got a schwack. Enough that it seems that winter came overnight. I was so happy not to have to drive into the office Wednesday or Thursday this week. Traffic was horribly slow outside of rush hour. Crazy business that. It's so pretty. I've been very tempted to make a snow angel in my front yard.

Shovelling the walk wasn't even that bad. I didn't dig out the back gate or the walk along the side of the house. I didn't really feel the need. Of course, if the Sidekick ever moves, we'll have to dig out the back gate so someone else can park there, but alas, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I think my alley is a lot easier to drive down than the street in front of my house.

My boss said to me on Wednesday, "Isn't it too early for the snow to stick around?" I laughed heartily at that. He's from Ontario. Ottawa to be more specific. Apparently, he never had to dress for Hallowe'en over a snow suit.

I'm on vacation right now. The last one of the year before we get into our busy season at work so I'm visiting my mom and dad. I haven't been here in much too long. Cheruby may have had something to do with that, but it was still my choice. I brought the kittenses home with me. I just got them to a point where they weren't missing me all the time from being out of the house. Going away for four days would likely ruin all that so I brought them with me. It was the little one's first lengthy car ride. She was nervous at first and had to use the litter box, but after that she was good and slept next to me for most of the trip. The big brat probably had a calming influence on her as he did his usual sleep thing. Although getting him into the car is usually a fiasco, once he's there, he's fine. The fiasco this time included the little one freaking out big time when the big brat came near in the house. I think she smelled his fear and didn't know what was going on because he's never scared, right? That's my working theory anyway. Cheruby and Rilla were there to help me herd the cats which was a big help because usually it's several trips to the house and back to get them into the car and get the house locked up and all that jazz.

I'm surprised I'm not missing the warmer weather. Winter seems to be good so far this year despite the awful driving.

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R:tAG said...

Awww... we missed the snow? :-p

Actually, I can't say I miss it. I think living 30+ years in Saskatchewan has put me off snow for awhile! :-)

neuba said...

I hear ya Randy.

After almost 30 years in Saskatchewan, I think I am ready for a changes. Somewhere where it is warmer and there is little to no snow.

Vancouver would be wonderful.

Margot said...

Hey Suzy Q ... snow ... you call that snow ;)

Got stuck on my street again today ... they never plow streets on the west side of town.

Enjoy your well-deserved holidays!

PS - Saskatchewan is not for wimps :) Only the brave at heart can reap the rewards of our beautiful home!!!

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