Nothing Wrong

Right now, there's nothing wrong but still there's a feeling of things not being right. I don't know exactly what it is.

My car died last night as I was driving. Luckily, it was right in front of a friend's apartment building. It was the second time in the evening my car wouldn't start and I'd had to call CAA. Now it's at the shop. I heard about another friend terrifying episode in her parking lot. Someone tried to steal her car while she was in it. When the door was locked, the attacker smashed the window with a hammer. I feel so bad for her because it takes a really long time after something like that to not feel scared.

My sweetie and I grow closer every time I stop to notice which is less often than you might think considering my self-analytical nature. He's very good for me and makes me happy.

Friday at work was interesting. I don't know if I overstepped my bounds or not, but I did get something done. I won't be doing anything like that again anytime soon, though. I was a bit agitated when I caused the ruckus I did. I was upset enough to stop being nice to people I didn't know.

The kittens are getting closer too. I witnessed the brat allowing the little one to clean him this morning for quite some time. I did get them very stoned on fresh catnip last night.

I can feel that I'm still trying to avoid work because I have some difficult tasks (for me) ahead. I have a plan and I know I just have to do it and it will all be good, but I don't want to. However, if I want to be a good manager, I have to start being good at giving all kinds of feedback not just the good stuff. I really have to get better at giving negative feedback. I avoid that as much as possible.

So, as I said, there's nothing wrong. Just life being ... life-y. Maybe it's the weather that's causing this feeling.

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Anonymous said...

Hope that everything works out with your car. :)

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