Glorious Day

We went over to Cheruby's mom's this afternoon because she has a pool and it was hot and I like swimming. We also ate her food. Life is good. My busy schedule today is:

  • swimming while the sun is out

  • nap

  • attend Rilla, Em, and Deb's smashing party

Sometimes, it's hard to imagine things being better. But then, I get all needy and want all my cool friends to live close by and none of us ever have to work, we can all just hang out, play games, nap, sleep in, and eat nachoes. Then our hobbies would rule our lives. How cool would that be?

Honestly, I get a certain amount of self esteem from being paid to do a job so that probably wouldn't be ideal for me. Unless, of course, I could constantly being doing nice things for other people who said, "Thanks, you're awesome," a lot. Then I might be able to dig it long term. Or maybe, I could travel like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and join the United Nations. Maybe that would be good to do, but then I'd miss out on the constant party my friends were having. That would never do. Maybe I could just convince them all to come with me and then we'd do a lot more good and make a bigger difference.

And maybe, just knowing my friends are happy is good enough. Yeah, that's enough. Well, that and naps.

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