I like the word gallivanting. It makes me happier than traveling for work makes me. Don't get me wrong, I love a good trip (business or otherwise), but being away from home for the majority of three weeks is a bit much. And thus, I am happy to be home.

Some notable things that I encountered while away were
~ getting caught up on sleep
~ having a mediocre steak at a upscale steakhouse and then stealing the napkin
~ hearing about a colleague getting his nipples pierced
~ reading Cheruby's screenplay
~ learning about a new product offering at work and being brought in at the ground level
~ getting a new title and job level at work without having to take on extra responsibilities
~ losing sleep
~ running on caffiene
~ getting to meet some of my new staff for the first time
~ coming home

I don't even remember the weekend I was at home in between trips. Wait! I do remember something - spending time with AJ. That was particularly awesome. He helped me surprise Cheruby by bringing by his birthday presents while Cheruby was picking me up at the airport on Friday night. Thanks!

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