A Little Girl

I opened my heart and a little girl ran out
She laughed and giggled, daring me to catch her
Dancing and spinning with a daisy in her hands
She knew I wouldn't be able to play with her long

As my thoughts drifted from the joy of being with her
And the fear of losing her started to creep in
She knew she had to return
To my heart to wait for me to let her out again

Not very poetic, but it was beautiful to me to see her playing with such pure happiness and love. She had long, dark curly hair that looked almost wild. I don't remember whether there were small flowers in her hair, but they wouldn't have been out of place. Her simple white dress was playful in the tiny details and helped show her innocence. I don't think she ever stops smiling, even when she is closed up in my heart for the wrong reasons.

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