My Poor House

I love my house. It's a great house. Needs a little love here and there, but it's a great house.

Unfortunately, it needs a little more tender loving cash than usual. Apparently, the chimneys aren't so usable right now. And really haven't been since I bought the house. Nothing to be done now except get it fixed. So, a little trip to my bank and some internet investigations later and it may not be as bad as I originally thought.

Things to have other people do to my house:
~ replace the furnace
~ replace the fireplace
(or replace the chimneys)
~ get eavestroughs
~ replace the front step
~ possibly paint or replace the siding on the house

I'm sure my SaskEnergy house inspections will lengthen that current list, but that's a short wait for a week and a half and possibly some furnace shopping later.

My car is finally dying too, but I'm going to see how long it'll last while I really drive it into the ground. We'll just let SKYBOY live the rest of its days to the fullest without being hooked up to diagnostic machines and in surgery.

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