Sick Kitten

Okay, okay, I know he's not a kitten anymore. He'll just always be my baby-cat. And after being bothered about his behaviour all weekend, I finally took him to the vet on Monday. And I was quite relieved to hear that he had good reason to be acting so strangely. He had a nasty fever.

Of course, the vet also told him that he'd have made a good mom which I got defensive about, but that's neither here nor there. I was proud that the vet thought he was clever.

I got some antibiotics for him and less than 24 hours after the first half-pill, he was doing much better. He was well enough to be sucky last night and follow me around all evening. And de was a portion of whiny self to get outside this morning. Both very good signs. Of course, the lack of very hot skin was also a good sign.

I got to have lunch today with one of my mom's brothers. I always have a good time with him. Today, he left a book in restaurant on purpose - a travelling book. C.S. Lewis' Miracles. I don't know if I could leave a book to the fate of the world. I think it's really interesting though. Where might that book travel? He's already sent one book to some place across the Atlantic ocean that I've already forgotten the name of. What adventures is that book going to have? And is someone going to adopt these books as their own instead of letting them travel the world? I really liked the sticker on the front cover that said, "I'm not lost." Heh. Personification often gives me a giggle.

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