Roughing It

What counts as roughing it? Just an outhouse? Cuz that's what I'm doing. Going camping at a campground with no other amenities. I'm pretty excited about it. Or maybe I'm just excited to see Cheruby because he's been camping since Wednesday. [GRIN]

I'm worried about the kittens because the little gets pretty upset when I'm not around, but she's doing much better. She has that bump on her belly from her spaying operation, but she hasn't been licking it very much. The big brat has mellowed completely and although he's happy to see me when I get home, he doesn't fuss quite as much. I'm quite sure that the little one cuddles with him in the basement during the day.

The power was out in the house last night for a couple of hours. I was still tidying before heading out for the weekend. I finished up using a flashnight. Including catching the little one deciding to pee in the basket beside the toilet upstairs which ended up being all over me because I picked her up by the scruff in an effort to stop her. [sigh] We took a walk downstairs to the freshly cleaned litterbox in the hopes that this would be what she needed. I never had a single problem with the big brat. Then I did laundry which didn't turn on because the power was out so it just sat there and turned on when the power came back.

I haven't been sleeping well lately, which for some people is a normal way of life, but I'm having some trouble adjusting. So much trouble that I was awake for my whole massage last night. I had NO idea she beats me up so badly. It hurt A LOT! And then she tells me that she's taking it easy on me because I'm awake. Yikes! What the hell am I sleeping through? I have another appointment next week because my neck and shoulders are a mess so we'll see if I can get through it.

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Jenn & Owen said...

That kind of campground is so much better than the ones with full everything! There's no americans in giant trailers setting up their satelite dishes in your site to get better reception, and usually there's way fewer kids screaming around the place.

cenobyte said... can you sleep through a massage? ...particularly when you're not pregnant?

Suz said...

I wouldn't know the difference between sleeping through anything pregnant and not pregnant. I just sleep through anything, normally.

Example: I was staying at a friend's place in another city with 4 other friends in a cozy basement setting. We all got back to the house at the same time and it was very much bedtime. I went and changed and crawled into bed. Less than five minutes later, they turned on a loud electric air pump to blow up an air mattress. I didn't notice. They took a pillow from under my head for someone else. Didn't stir.

As for the massage, I trained myself to relax to the point of sleep when I get on the table. My massage therapist says she can get really deep when I sleep so I sleep. One night she was scared to let me drive home because I was so sleepy and dopey.

I'm not as good as R:tAG as sleeping on command, but hey, he's the master.

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